This Valentine's Day, Order from the Best Flower Company Shipping These Gorgeous Farm-to-Table Bouquets

Listen, we get it, relationships are hard. 

You try a little romance, you fall flat on your face. Especially around Valentine’s Day. You’ve got a lot of options and you really don’t to screw it up. Again. Especially after last year. 

So here’s some advice: don’t buy one of those cheap, crinkly plastic-wrapped bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. 

Everyone knows you just forgot and picked them up on the way home. 

Man up and get The Bouqs for 30% off this year. They’re gorgeous, easy, fresh to death and will wow your partner.

Take a deep breath. What do you smell? Probably not a wide open field of fresh-cut flowers. 

But once you order a bouquet of these, your house or apartment will smell incredible and look even better. 


There’s nothing like it. Flowers from The Bouqs are ten days fresher than anything you’re going to get from your local florist, and a heckuva lot fresher than roses from the guy on the street corner. 

They’ve got every kind of petal out there, in every color, every volume and their whole operation is sustainable and eco-friendly.

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The flowers are grown in high elevation volcanic soil, which makes them richer, heartier and really just a lot more beautiful than the average flower. 

When you register on 
The Bouqs you even get free delivery-- on top of this 30% off deal. Check out the link to look at these stunning bouquets and get inspired to be a romantic again this year.

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