Best Booze for Your Book: 7 Best Bookstores for Winter Readin' & Drinkin' in NYC

Keeping warm during arctic level temps with a top read and a tasty drink has to be good for the soul. Right?

Whether it’s a hot latte or an adult beverage, you’ll be toasty from the inside out. 

Paired up with a cozy spot and a book of your choice? We're warming up already. 

Sounds like a glorious weekend afternoon out of the bitter cold that is winter in New York City.

We’ve already covered that winter is the perfect excuse to laze around and indulge in a first-class story. Perhaps one that takes place in a tropical locale. So, snug up, and take notes. 

Here’s 8 independently owned bookstores in the city to do just that.

1. Argosy (116 East 59th Street)

t3t3lman 📚s for days

If you’re in the market for antique-y books, maps, and autographs, then this is your place. And if you’re not? The 6 floors of rare books and other finds should keep you busy browsing. 


It’s a bit like the Forever21 of Literature. Sort through endless stacks of unique reads and uncover yourself a gem.

2. Molasses Books (770 Hart Street - Brooklyn)

aliceaponasko Lately I’ve been spending some time thinking about open-sourced projects and open knowledge bases in general. In software engineering knowledge was always a defining factor. That’s why companies tried to close the access to the codebases since the beginning — too much sensitive data and high risk to lose the business. Todays world is a bit different. Your code is *most likely* not unique and you are not solving the problem that will change the software industry. You are probably relying on 3rd party libraries and services. But for some beginner your code is a great example of working solution in production. For someone junior your experience is a solid chance to get better. For everyone your code is a chance to see your ideas. You need to realize that your business is not defined by the codebase anymore. It’s your team that makes it unique and valuable. It’s your community that moves it forward. Of course, you still need to be careful in oversharing but there are so many benefits in being open to the outside world. __________ 📚 Röyksopp - I Had This Thing (Sebastien Remix)

This place is sweet. Not because it’s called Molasses per se, but they offer the perfect bookstore trifecta: Beer, wifi, and open until midnight. But, you had us at beer. 

They boast a wide selection of poetry too, if that’s more your style. Settle in for the long haul here; this spot embodies the meaning of the term “book nook” like no other.

Fun fact: if you feel like playing tradesies, this is the place to swap a title or two.

3. Hullabaloo (711A Franklin Avenue - Brooklyn)

calumrennie It's all hullabaloo. 📚 #crownheights #brooklyn #nyc

As if the name wasn’t reason enough, this bookshop has sliding ladders. You know a bookstore is legit when it has those, obviously. 


So live out your movie-like fantasy of riding the book ladder across the shelves. Or maybe that’s just ours. Fun fact: They have a “pay whatever” cart. Sounds like our kind of budget.

4. Tianti Books (220 West 30th Street)

linsichucheryl At peace.

Oh, it’s a Buddhist bookstore and café, so it’s no wonder it’s super calming. Besides a meditative atmosphere, this shop offers up warmth in tea party form to accompany your book browsing. 

Side note: There is an abundance of power outlets (if you’re into that sort of thing.)


5. Shakespeare & Co. (939 Lexington Avenue)

scobooks Congratulations to Booker Prize winner Marlon James' A Brief History of Seven Killings! #bookerprize #briefhistoryofsevenkillings #marlonjames #riverheadbooks

Doughnuts. That’s all you need to know. 


This Upper East Side shop allows you to tuck into a good book and something deliciously sweet. Not to mention that their latte’s come complete with heart art. What’s not to love?

6. Housing Works (126 Crosby Street)

hyona_0716 Housingworks bookstore cafe in soho #photo #bookstore #intern #mag #book #뉴욕 #사진 #풍경 #일상

This is a bookstore you can really feel good about. You’ll be warmed by default knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to the Housing Works foundation. 

Bonus points for the two magical words that this joint offers as well: Happy Hour. That’s right, saddle up to a table with a top read from their selection and indulge in some beer or wine from the bar, and keep ‘em comin'.

7. Word (various locations)

wordbookstores Happy Thanksgiving from WORD! Closed today but open Friday and beyond. We are thankful for books and canned cranberry sauce.

Fancy a pastry with your page-turner? Head to the Jersey City location for their café and impressive selection of staff book recommendations. 


Or pop over to the Greenpoint, Brooklyn location where there’s a multitude of events happening, and oh, free wine as well. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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