You've probably already heard that Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen is closing its doors after 20 years on Downing Street, leaving hardcore brunchers all over NYC in distress.

However, our goodbye to their amazing fried chicken has been extended.

Brothers Eric and Bruce Bomberg have announced that they are now staying open until at least the end of January.

Blue Ribbon Bakery, which you should definitely take advantage of the extra time if you haven't stopped by yet, is known for it's amazing American comfort food. 

We already mentioned their fried chicken (it's worth talking about a few times), but they also serve yummy bone marrow, and breads baked in their infamous oven that's in customers' view. 

The Brombergs have 20 other Blue Ribbon locations, in NYC, Los Angeles, and Los Vegas– they are offering all the employees at the closing restaurant new relocated positions.

They are also opening a new spot in the Financial District called Blue Ribbon Federal Grill on the ground level of the luxury extended stay property AKA Wall Street.


“Our FiDi eatery will embody the original founding spirit of Blue Ribbon Restaurants—it will be a casual, fun place,” says Bruce Bromberg.


So while Downing Street will no longer be a weekend brunch staple, NYC will still have plenty of Blue Ribbon's wares to choose from.

[via Eater NY]