Aliens are taking over Broadway this summer! I mean with this lineup of hit musicals right now, who would blame them?

According to TimeOut NY, The Broadway Mall Association has commissioned quirky artist Joy Brown for its newest installation, jumbo life-sized nude blob people.

The association asked the world-renowned artist to sculpt iconic fixtures to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Brown has blessed New Yorkers with these equally weird, cute and bronze alien blobs to join us on our strolls through the city.

Brown has been a sculptor for more than 35 years. She uses her childhood memories to inspire her work, and the outcome is beautiful yet creepy.

Her studio is based in Kent, Connecticut, which is home to a 30-foot-long Japanese style wood-firing tunnel kiln. 

Brown says in her bio, that the forms she makes are a "tangible expression of [her] evolving inner self."


Meet NYC's new neighbors at locations along Broadway between 72nd and 168th Streets. They'll be living there from May 17 to late November–more than enough time to get acquainted.


Here's a map to plan your next meetups with NYC's new blob friends. 

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]