Dating in This City Is Pretty Much the Worst: 7 Struggles of Going on a Blind Date in NYC

Dating is pretty much the worst. 

It's highly stressful, endlessly confusing, and is actually a super weird thing when you really think about it. 

And don't even get us started on blind dates. 

Blind dates are on a whole other level. Blind dates are horrifying. 

First of all, we don't even really understand how anyone manages to go on a blind date anymore. 


Thanks to the invention of the internet and dating apps like Picke, we no longer have to enter a situation in which we have no idea who are date is or what level of sanity they are at. 

Bless you, technology. 

With Picke, you get to cut through the bullsh*t in all of the seemingly endless swipes. 

It lets you adjust what you're looking for, and you can match on what really matters to you. 

It basically takes the unknowable travesties of blind dates out of the equation. 

Of course, if you somehow find yourself going on a real life, truly blind date, these are just a few of the struggles you're likely to experience.

1. Figuring out what to wear

This is just a never ending struggle across all areas of life, but is especially nerve-inducing when approaching dating. 

What if your date is super dressed up? Or what if they're wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt? Or what if they're somewhere in the murky and vast middle ground? 

There are just way too many ways for your date to fail before they even sit down. 

2. Recognizing the person

Your best friend, who has set you up on this date, is known for many things. Her ability to sense when you need to eat and eat NOW, an uncanny Bill Murray impression, a seemingly unlimited supply of sarcasm. 

She will not, however, be remembered for her detailed descriptions when explaining to you what your date looks like. What the hell are you supposed to make of "tall with brown hair"? That would be almost anyone. Ugh. 

Luckily, with Picke, you'll never have to worry about this. You'll know a lot about the person you're meeting before you actually meet them. After all, you've selected them based on your own personal preferences. 

3. Catfish=serious concern

Thank you, MTV, for not only making us feel like we had a superbly lame sweet 16, but also for instilling us an intense paranoia surrounding dating.

The show Catfish, while admittedly entertaining, now has us questioning every single dating scenario we find ourselves in. Is this a trick? An elaborate scheme? Does this person even exist? WHAT IS LIFE?

It's all too stressful.

4. They could be insane

This is a legitimate possibility. 

You are incredibly perceptive and, since you've started watching The Mentalist, excellent at reading people. You can look at a crazy person's face and spot the twinkle of insanity in their eyes.


5. You don't know how to greet them

You've never met them, so a handshake seems appropriate. But is that too formal? Is a hug too friendly? Maybe they're French, so two kisses on the cheek? No, that's weird. Is it weird? 

You're sure of nothing anymore. 

6. You don't even know if they want to be there


You haven't even thought about the fact that this person could be just as unexcited about this date as you are.

What if your friend had to force them to agree to this? What if they roll their eyes the entire time or ask for the check before you've barely finished half your meal?

7. You could run out of things to talk about

What if you have absolutely nothing in common with this human?


Even if you're forced to fall back on the basic first date questions (siblings? college? hometown?), those will be completely exhausted within the first 15 minutes. UGH. 

This is why blind dates shouldn't exist anymore. Really. 

We have dating apps like Picke now, so you'll never have to sit through a dinner with someone that shares zero common interests again. It's amazing. 

Before you meet someone in real life, you'll already know that you connect on at least a basic level.

Unlike your blind date. Seriously, why did you agree to this??

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[Feature Image Courtesy Guian Bolisay / Flickr] 

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