Get Bowled Over by the Best-Looking Bowls at Bowl & Blade 🔪🥣😋

It's almost concert time, but you absolutely hate spending money at Barclay's. Or maybe you like spending money, but not on real food. You'd rather eat junk food or popcorn and chug some beers during your game/concert because it’s more fun than having your dinner end up on your lap every time someone has to get back to their seats. Either way, you have a new option in Park Slope.

Bowl & Blade, contrary to its fancy name, is the fast casual eatery that will solve all your problems.

Co-owned and run by a former Junoon chef, Adin Langille, Bowl & Blade offers wholesome, clean, and incredibly tasty bowls to those looking for something fast and casual, but somehow still upscale and beautiful. Honestly, to watch Adin at the helm, crafting each bowl to perfection, is like watching a masterpiece being born.

The menu is simple- first choose from one of about 8 flavorful styles including Lima Livin (sweet potato, cilantro, red onion & peruvian corn with yellow pepper and lime ceviche sauce), two styles of poke (Maui and Risign Sun), and even a Mediterranean bowl. Next, choose from a base of either sushi rice, brown rice, quinoa, organic baby kale, or veggie noodles.

Third comes protein, with options like Ahi Tuna, Verlasso Salmon, Sous Vide Chicken Breast, Smoked Tofu and Falafel Waffles- yeah, let that sink in because it's pretty damn cool. You also have a ton of add-on options if that flavor punch isn't enough fr you.

For those who prefer more carb-y options, fear not. Adin assured us that he plans to add a whole menu section for toasts. And as someone who's worked with his fair share of savory food, rest assured, the man knows what he's doing. He also plans to add even more options to his bowl menu, including a possible cooked fish.

And if, like us, you always have to finish with something sweet, they have options for Froyo or Acai Bowls (or both), with your choice of loaded toppings like granola, fruits and even Nutella drizzle for something a bit naughtier- because you have been healthy up until now, haven't you?

Adin was nice enough to treat us to a bowl and some Froyo and we can tell you it tastes as great as it looks. The fish is the Rising Sun Poke bowl was incredibly fresh, the pickled ginger, spicy and sour, and the other veggies, a perfect compliment to the overall dish. Plus that yuzu and dashi- mmmmmmm. And how do you make falafel even more appealing? Give it abs and turn it into a waffle!

The FroYo was thick enough to feel like custard and the toppings were layered perfectly. It may have been messy, but totally worth the little bit of cleanup for the flavor and insta-pics.

Don't just take our word for it though, check them out at 169 5th Avenue and let us know if you like them as much as we do.

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