A few weeks ago, we told you about the crazy frozen concoctions they're whipping up at Black Tap Burgers & Bar

Apparently, no one can resist the allure of a milkshake topped with a whole slice of cake or old fashioned lollipop, because the lines at Black Tap have reached obsession status. 

People are waiting in lines as long as 5 hours at both of Black Tap's locations for a $15 milkshake that could pack on around 1,600 calories, according to the New York Post

We're not all that surprised that people are willing to wait in lines down the streets for a taste (or better yet, an Instagram) of one of these beauts, we are surprised that the mega milkshake mania hasn't lessened whatsoever. 

In fact, it's created a national following in response to the flurry of publicity, including a stint on shows like The Today Show and The Chew

From this point on, we're pretty certain that people will continue to flock to Black Tap Burgers & Bar for their confection topped giants, particularly due to their addition of seasonal milkshakes, including one for the Super Bowl, and one for Valentine's Day. 


Plus, who wouldn't want a milkshake topped with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich? Nobody we want to be friends with, that's for sure. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]