Have you heard of Black Tap? If you haven't you quite obviously haven't been a part of the New York City food scene for very long. 

This one-year-old restaurant gained nationwide popularity with their larger-than-life milkshakes topped with confections like cotton candy, lollipops, and even full slices of cake. Think Instagram award-worthy, viral shots of insane milkshakes. 

Luckily for New Yorkers who were sick and tired of waiting on line for hours for the opportunity to experience a Black Tap milkshake, the restaurant is looking to expand to new locations. 

Eater reports that Black Tap proprietors Joe Isidori and Chris Barish are looking to add to their current locations in SoHo and Chelsea with new locations on the Upper West Side and in Midtown. 

Additionally, they are set to open their new underground space in Soho, titled Black Tap Down, in the next few weeks. 

Though no spaces have been locked in yet, Eater reports that they might be looking into spaces on Amsterdam near 75th Street. 


Hopefully the lines for a Black Tap milkshake won't span round the block with hour long waits once new locations open, but for now, we'll gladly pay out $15 for one of their beauties. 


Oh, yea, they serve pretty epic burgers, too... but after a 2,500 calorie milkshake, who has room for a burger? Actually, scratch that... challenge accepted. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]