Might Have to Say No Way, Frosé! to Black Tap's Gaudy Monstrosity This Summer

Who doesn't love rosé? Better yet, if we offered you a frosé (um, obviously frozen rosé) right now (time of writing is 9:53 a.m.), wouldn't you at least consider it?

We'd tell you it's summer, point out the sweat stains under your pits, and you'd pull a George Michael Jr. to our "Well, Hey There, You Wanna Dance?" and just go, "Eh, What the Heck?" and take it.

Unless it was this. 

New Yorkers' favorite burger and milkshake joint, Black Tap, is serving an upgraded version of everyone's favorite summer drink. 

Okay, so let's slow down with upgrade and settle into "extra." Black Tap is known for there over the top milkshakes, so don't expect anything different when you order your frosé.

Instead of a milkshake, expect a frozen delight as Black Tap is teaming up with White Girl Rosé to create their candy-coated frosé. Created to give you a sugar rush this extreme frosé is jammed packed with Sour Patch watermelons, Peach Rings, Swedish Fish, candy necklaces and a rainbow lollipop. 



This will definitely top any other frozen rosé this summer in all of the worst and best ways possible.

Only thing is NYC this limited frosé doesn't last all summer. But good news is all Black Tap locations in NYC are making this drink, so yay for us! 


It's Black Tap. so you know you'll have to get there early, hop in line and wait your turn because this frosé offer begins July 24th and ends July 30th.

Enjoy NYC. Avoid the brain freeze. And then again, taking a few more looks at this absurdity might have you avoiding it altogether.

[Feature Image Courtesy Eater][via TimeOut NY]