So, you want a bunch of likes and follows on Instagram? Well, you better head over this joint.

Black Tap has broken the Internet time and time again with their insane milkshakesPeople wait forever for a chance to snap a thousand photos of their milkshakes bursting at the seams with candy, sweets and other crazy goodies.

If you've never been this because of the lines, you might want to change your tune after you hear about this.

Black Tap is opening its third location in Midtown this year, and you can expect the same absurd milkshakes that have everyone and their mother snapping away.

We've talked about the empire Black Tap is trying make before, but now it looks like they really are going all in.

You can find the long lines already forming at Blakely New York Hotel at 136 West 55th Street. The new location is set to open some time around fall.

The chef, or we should mad scientist, of Black Tap, Joe Isidori is not stopping with his takeover. He wants to open six more locations in the New York City area. 

After that, he wants to take his creations all over the world.


If you didn't think a $15 milkshake could cause such an uproar you don't know NYC. This city sees a lot of trends but when one stops being a trend and something of a staple, than that is where the magic of this city can be seen.

Well, Black Tap, we have no choice but to give in once again. We will be waitin' and snappin' for as long as it takes for us to get those likes.

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]