What were you doing 32 months ago? 

Were you witnessing the rise of the black moon? If yes, good for you! If no, shame on you...kidding, BUT you're in luck because it's back!

Every 32 months the sky does this really cool thing; the side of the moon that is facing Earth is completely shadowed. Sounds pretty neat right?

Well it's happening TOMORROW, Friday September 30th, at 8:11pm EST, as reported by Time Out. And it gets more intriguing...

Yes, it's a rare event and yes, it may affect your mood and the tides and all that, but, fun fact: during a black moon, you can't even see the actual moon because it's completely shaded. Wait, what?!

There is a plus side though, because you can't see anything, you shouldn't feel the need to cancel your Friday night plans. So go on that tinder date, go out with your coworkers after work! All the fun things you already had planned, you can still do them (eye roll).

So, "I can't hang tonight, the black moon is rising" is NOT a valid excuse, my friends. Venus retrograde, though? TOTALLY VALID.


For our friends over in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, they won't "see" the black moon until October 1st. Lucky for them, they can search the hashtag #blackmoonrising to see all the exclusive pictures from the night before.


So grab your girls, put your party clothes on, hit up your favorite local bar for some seasonal eats and drinks, and go about your night as if nothing is really happening!

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy JayonGeorge]