Your bright summer days are about to get a bit dark...

Ice cream still reigns on top as the best treat to cool you down from New York City's absolutely brutal summer days. You still get chills when you hear the jingle of a Mister Softee truck.

But, you're older now. A simple cone with vanilla soft serve and rainbow sprinkles just won't cut it anymore. You've been dazzled by rolled up ice cream, custom Magnum ice cream bars and milkshakes that will blow your mind.

Well, Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream has outdone themselves and created a new black ice cream that is making people scream not in fear - but in sheer delight.

This ice cream is as black as the unforgiving summer road that rips apart your shoes while you were running for the Mister Softee truck.

So, how did it gets its insanely dark shade?

The ice cream is made with coconut ash that gives it that incredibly dark color and its incredible coconut flavor that makes any a scoop a feast for the eyes and stomach.

While black ice cream isn't anything new, Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream has made one that is as delicious as it is appealing to the eyes. Each scoop will make you question what else can ice cream do or become.

We cannot wait to try these amazing scoops and hopefully not ruin our clothes in the process. But, hey, if we do stain 'em, we'll just play it off like it was the pattern of the shirt anyway. Unless it's a white shirt. #TidePenRescues







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[via Elite Daily] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]