So who wants to chat up a robot during Black History Month?

Yeah? No? What the heck are we talking about?

Well, a Twitter bot can finally talk with with you about BHM, and even let you know what's happening in NYC.

Yeah calm your laser guns, it’s not a fully sentient artificial intelligence. Yet.


Twitter’s employee resource group for African-Americans, called the Blackbirds, is launching a Twitter bot for Black History Month. 

The (ro)bot’s responses are limited to four unfortunately. If you type #BlackHistory, you can get a 'today in black history' fact. Wanna see what's going on in New York City this February? Type #ForTheCause to find a local community event.

#SelfCare provides info on loving yourself with appearance and style advice (kinda realizing it's February so that's neat), and then #ForTheCulture will let you know about notable moments in history or show you content from prominent black people on Twitter.


And just in case you’re wondering, there is a response built in for racist comments.

...No response. Which we believe is pretty chill.

According to TechCrunch, #ForTheCulture is the official theme for Twitter’s celebration of Black History Month, and that it's a method of honoring the present, past and the future of the progression of African American culture throughout History.

So definitely give the bot a tweet so see how you want to celebrate BHM or to find out more about civil rights!

Or not if you don't believe in robots. But it's not an AI, so like we said, it's all good. 

For now.

[via TechCrunch] [Feature Image Courtesy Twitter]