We're not bragging when we remind you NYC's got the best bagels, and discovering your personal favorites is such a delicious challenge. And for a limited time, there's an even more savory way to find your favs. 

Time Out recently served up some (questionably) tasty news about Kossar's Bagels and Bialys, the Lower East Side bakery which continues to make history. 

Kossar's Bagels and Bialys is celebrating National Sandwich month by collaborating with local restaurants to bring NYC four funky sandwiches. 

Every cent from these creations goes to Edible Schoolyard NYC. These limited-time creations switch out every week, though, so sample all four before they're gone. 

Their first sensational creation, called "Everything Black," has some of us raising an eyebrow, and in a good way. The folks over at Ice and Vice are using the classic black and white cookies as a sammich in between a scoop of Basic B ice cream and then dousing these cookies with everything seasoning.

Which, okay, you know, sounds fine, we'll put our money where our mouth is and get one of our writers to sample one (editor's note: It's you, Nick). This hybrid desert is only available until Sunday, so get it while it's hot! Or cold, actually. 

Sandwich number two is a savory variation on the tuna melt, with melted Swiss, garlic mayo, scallions, and bonito furikake jam-packed in a Japanese everything bagel. Ivan Ramen's Ivan Orkin assembled this creation, and it's available from the 8th to the 14th. 


Pop quiz! What's a pletzel? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah, we didn't know either. But we discovered it's like foccacia. 

Fung Tu's Smoked Chicken Sandwich features a garlic-chive-sesame pletzel (WTF ARE YOU?!) with chicken, Sichuan seasoning, lettuce, tomato, avocado (#hyfr) and matchstick potatoes. This deliciousness will be at the bakery from the 15th to the 21st. 


Wrapping things up is Justin Warner's Foie Gras Sandwich: a salted, cinnamon-raisin bagel topped with foie-gras cream cheese and jelly. We've got a little more time to sample this one, as it's available from the 22nd to the end of the month. 

Of course, considering how well experimentation with any Everything Bagel-related fare has, well, fared... we're not in any real hurry to try it. 

[via Time Out New York]  [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]