The idea of camping scares some of us.

You drive out to the middle of nowhere, leave behind the luxury of electricity and plumbing, and hope you’re not mauled by bears by daybreak. And on top of all that, sometimes you have to pay to do it.

Well, there’s a solution that us New York City dwellers love.

Bivouac is a pop-up campsite that is available on secret NYC rooftops, where you can sleep under the stars without actually leaving the city.

Artist Thomas Stevenson has reserved several rooftops in NYC supplied with six tents each, and acts as a sort of park ranger during campouts, leading guests to communal dinners and a real toilet that you can use inside the building.

Oh, and it’s completely free.

All you have to do is book your stay through Thomas via email. Booking generally happens ten days beforehand, and usually the entire camping experience lasts about 15 hours, with campers staying for one night.


The camping experience is close to the real thing in terms of leaving electricity and communication behind―no cell phones, no laptops, no outside communication with the busy city world underneath you. Only you and the Big Apple sky.

Bivouac comes with a canteen, a kitchen area, a library, and a wooden communal table where you and fellow campers can enjoy courtesy coffee and camping-style breakfast in the morning.


This project goes on during the late spring and early fall for a week each time.

Find out where Bivouac is setting up camp next here.

[via 6sqft] [Feature Image Courtesy]