You've probably heard already. Bill Murray, cultural icon and OG (Original Ghostbuster), as reported earlier this morning by Time Out, is bartending in Brooklyn, this weekend?

Don't you want to meet Bill Murray? We want to meet Bill Murray! Let's go!

....Well, too bad.

Turns out, as later reported by Gothamist, Bill Murray won't be pouring one out for us anytime soon. Or, unless you're one of the elites invited to Greenpoint's newest restaurant and bar, 21 Greenpoint, this Friday and Saturday.

Bill Murray's son, Homer, and his partner, Syd Silver, transformed their seafood restaurant, River Styx, into this new, schmancier dining spot. 

People obviously flipped out when Homer announced that his Dad was going to come guest bartend during their pre-opening festivities.


We guess that the impending threat of thousands of Bill Murray fans busting down the doors of this new eatery before it even opens maybe it got a liiitle too intense to handle.

So now, despite Gothamist reporting that Homer initially said, "People can walk in; just be nice," Friday and Saturday at Greenpoint 1 is now gonna be invite-only.

We're pretty disappointed because Bill Murray sounds like a total bro according to his own son, “What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila.”

But it's okay. We're New Yorkers. We can't have nice things. Ever. We're used to it. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy TheRedList]