Do you love salty pimps as much as we do?

Awesome because they'll be coming to a bodega near you soon!

Before you start thinking that we're promoting local prostitution, we're talking about Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff's Big Gay Ice Cream.

Sorry if you're still confused guys. 

The popular ice cream brand is now selling its wacky creations by the pint on Amazon, Fresh Direct, and soon in stores. But before they were selling in quantity, the company had its humble beginnings as an ice cream truck. 

Since then, it's grown into two brick-and-mortar shops in the Village, a shake shop, and even a store in Philly. Not bad for a former full-time bassoonist. 


Big Gay Ice Cream is known for its wild topping selection and crazy flavor combinations. They're now selling seven of those in pints, including a new flavor named Lunchbox (strawberry ice cream with strawberry-filled peanut butter cups and peanut butter).


Until the dope pints of ice cream rollout, we'll be making sure our Netflix and chill setup is perfect.

[Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist] [via Gothamist]