Bianca Romero a Woman Who Paints Through Walls 👩‍🎨🖼🏢

Found in various locations across New York, including Greenpoint, you have probably already found yourself lost looking at one of Bianca’s Romero’s murals. Vibrant in both color and texture the large scale works of art make the eye dance across the wall.

biancadoesnyc ✨Stepping into my next year like.... 💃🏻💫✨. . Woop woop . . #lesssgoooo #bringit #happyFckinbirthdaytome

Ironically, Bianca was almost not an artist. Raised by graphic designer parents, she opted to take a more practical approach while studying in New Hampshire, choosing to major in marketing.

After returning to the city, it was impossible for her to escape the pull of creative expression; she soon found herself painting and collaging. Using the skills and network she gained at school, Romero escaped the trope of the starving artist by collaborating with brands and installing murals in Brooklyn businesses.

A resurgence of art appreciation and support of creative marketing creates a landscape in which Romero believes brand and artists partnerships will become more prevalent.

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Earlier this year Romero completed a mural for Underhill Murals. The over one thousand square foot mural is the artist’s’ largest piece to date. Comprised of wood panels, collage, Kobra spray paint, wheat-paste, and acrylic paint the entire process took five months from approval to completion. A labor of love, Romero walked away from the project with a greater appreciation for planning and attention to details such as scale and proportion.

biancadoesnyc 🌟Pardon me while I elevate 🎶 🌟. . 2019 ready for good energies for the soul and goals. . Happy New Year everyone!!! . . . 📸 Taken on the first of many days installing my biggest mural to date. During a time when I was constantly being told I can’t. 💪🏽💪🏽 watch me. (ps: this time last year my biggest mural project was about 1/8th this size). #readyformore #lessgo #betonyourself #countyourblessings #thankful

The work highlights different spirits in the context of travel destinations. Japan is represented by Yamasaki, Mexico by Hornitos, and New York by Basil Hayden’s.

Her most recent project located at 907 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn is winter inspired and is once again sponsored by spirits, his time “keep you warm during the winter” Whiskeys.

biancadoesnyc You guys!! So excited to share my whisky warmth window display art for @makersmark @knobcreek @jimbeamofficial @basilhaydens! Honored to get to have my custom art up for some of my favorite whisky bourbons 🙏🏽🙏🏽 It’s up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on the corner of Manhattan ave and Metropolitan Ave! 🥃😊nothin like some collage booze 🤪 Cheers Ya’ll!. (Don’t mind the window glare 🤦🏻‍♀️) . . . . #biancaromeroart #biancaromero #customart #commissionedart #brandpartnerships #artist #art #painting #brooklyn #newyorkcity #brooklynart #streetartnyc #nycart #mixedmediaart #mixedmedia #collage #collageart #makersmark #jimbeam #basilhaydens #knobcreek #contemporaryart #spraypaint #acrylic #wheatpaste #windowdisplay #windowdisplaydesign #windowdisplayart

We all love a woman that can utilize a moment of expression to also support herself. Add stopping by Romero’s installation on your list of things to do while celebrating Women’s History Month. Click here for your chance to receive a signed print and bottle of Maker's Mark courtesy of The Culture LP. The winner will be selected March 12th so don’t miss your chance to enter.

As for Romero, she sees these partnerships as a stepping stone in her creative journey. Planning a future of even more collaborations with spaces, experimenting with 3D elements, and creating while traveling.

All while adding that much color to the world.

Follow Bianca Romero’s journey @BiancaDoesNYC for more opportunities to win and explore local New York artists follow @theculturelp

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