#SummerGoals: Beyoncé Just Announced Her World Tour Will Perform in NYC This June

Like you were even surprised, right?

Oh, back up. No, we're not talking about the Super Bowl (yay, sports!) where CaMVP totally dipped and dabbed out of the picture. We're talking about the halftime show. You know, the one where Coldplay joined Beyoncé and Bruno Mars onstage. 

Sure, you can still get tickets for Coldplay at MetLife Stadium here, but we've already decided, rather, Coldplay decided for us last night, that we'd much rather book it elsewhere for a sick show this summer.

Yeah, Beyoncé totally killed it last night, but she's going to be doing that and more June 7th at Citi Field as part of her extravagant Formation Tour. 

Yes, it's all really happening. We're stoked. We're pumped. We're ecstatic. We're thrilled. We're going to die. 

Kidding. We're not going to die. 

Instead, we're going to get tickets ASAP. No, we're not going to wait until February 16th at 10 a.m. to get the tickets through Ticketmaster or some bogus crap like that. 

Why would we wait? Citi Field has capacity for maybe 40,000 people, and we can think of a cold million that want to see her. 

So, we're not going to wait. 

We're going to get them before they even go on sale. Right. This. Minute. Where? Oh, so glad you asked. Get your pre-sale tickets right here

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[Feature Image Courtesy New York Daily News]