6 Best Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Other Than Taking Mom Out to Brunch in NYC

Mother's Day is the perfect time of year to make up for all the weeks you forgot to call your mom, or neglected to thank her for sending you cookies in the mail. 


But it's cool, because your mom is coming to the city for her big day and you're determined to show her just how much you appreciate her.

Brunch is the obvious answer here, but come on, everyone does brunch. You're more creative than that. You'd rather think outside the box. 

(But really, it's just because you waited too long and every restaurant in New York City is booked for Mother's Day.) 

Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your mom this weekend in NYC. Read on to find out what they are.

1. The Cloisters (99 Margaret Corbin Drive)


This beautiful museum and garden in Washington Heights is the perfect place to take your mom for a stroll this Sunday. 


You can tour the medieval art and stunning architecture, or you can just walk around and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. There's a suggested donation of $25 dollars, but you are free to pay whatever amount you wish for admission.

2. Polished Beauty Bar (250 West 78th Street)


Treat yo'self, but also, treat yo'mom. She deserves it.

This luxury nail salon specializes in natural nail care, offer clean and friendly services, and even screen classic films on a loop to enjoy during your manicure. It's a tad on the pricier side, but definitely worth it for the quality of the service. 

3. Riverside Park Bike Ride (72nd to 158th Streets along the Hudson River) 


If your mom loves the outdoors, consider taking her on a bike ride through Riverside Park. There are tons of bike rental shops in the area, such as Talent Cycles at 502 West 139th street, which offers rentals for $6/hour. 

The park offers biking and running paths that run right along the Hudson, with incredible views of the George Washington Bridge. 

4. Hester Street Fair (Corner of Hester & Essex Streets) 


We're certain that your mom would love to spend the day perusing unique crafts, vintage clothing, home goods, jewelry, and incredible food vendors.  She's just dying to find a throw rug like the one she saw on HGTV last week. 

You're sure to find that and so much more at this amazing street festival, so head to the Lower East Side for some good ol' Mother's Day shopping.

5. Japan Day @ Central Park


Why not mix it up this year for Mother's Day? Spend an afternoon learning about Japanese culture, trying delicious new foods, and enjoying Central Park. 


It's sure to be a memorable experience for the both of you, which is the best way to show mom how much you care.

6. Circle Line Cruise (Pier 83 - West 42nd Street)

We know, we know, the last thing that interests you are all the cliche touristy landmarks in NYC. But trust us, this cruise is amazing, and it's the best way to see the city.

Instead of dealing with crowds and lines, you get to view the city's historic structures from a distance that allows you to actually see it. It's a pretty cool experience, one that your mom won't be able to stop talking about for years to come. 

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