Because 2016 Is a Leap Year, There's This: 8 Best Things to Do on Monday, February 29th

Did you know that 2016 is a leap year? Oh, you didn't?

Well, it is. Usually, February is short AF. Usually, February only has 28 days. Every four years, though, a leap year comes along and there's an extra, shining, golden 24 extra hours in February. There's a February 29th.

Now, we recognize that the leap day is on a Monday. Still, though, we think you should get down to celebrate this year's February 29th, because, well, you won't get the chance for another four years.

It's like a Presidential Election or the Summer/Winter Olympics. They're all rare but when they do come, they tend to be memorable. 

JetBlue threw down for this year's leap day with discounted flights. But let's show them that you don't have to leave New York City to have a great leap day.

Let's live it up for February 29th, 2016 in New York City. Find out how below.

1. Staycation at the Refinery Hotel

refineryhotel The golden hour at @RefineryRooftop. All that’s missing is a cocktail and you. Thanks for the feature, @nytimes. See link in bio for the 5 New York Hotel Bars That Melt Away the Winter Blues. #refineryrooftop #vscocam #chasinglight

Feel like being pampered? Feel like getting drunk for virtually no money?

Then you should get to the Refinery Hotel on February 29th. Not only are they offering $2.29 cocktails (yes, $2.29 cocktails, this is an unbelievable price), they're also offering rooms for $229 a night with in-room breakfast.


Even if you already live here, you could use a staycation. Grab your significant other and let yourself get pampered. We mean, leap days don't come around very often.

2. FRIGID New York (94 Saint Marks Place)

joornal 극장 찾느라 힘들었다 tiny but lovely #theatre #understmarks #eastvillage #150528

Why not celebrate leap day with some culture? By culture, we mean a rousing, intellectual, emotional theatrical experience at UNDER St. Marks?

FRIGID New York is an important, affordable, artistically empowering theater festival in NYC, and if you've been meaning to take advantage of the theater in this city, this is your shot.

The Man will stage at 7 p.m. It's taking part in the urgent, evolving public conversation about sexual assault, and it comes packed with a dark sense of humor.

Jack of Hearts, Master of None will stage at 9 p.m., and it's the tale of a modern Cassanova, his conquests, and the seven women who shaped his life. Get your (affordable) tickets here.

3. Breakfast for Dinner (451-459 West 14th Street)

clintonstbakingco thx @christylchung #friedchickenandwaffles #breakfastfordinner #clintonstbakingco

Do you love breakfast more than dinner? Do you wish we ate breakfast food for way more meals than we do?

Well, there are definitely those in NYC who'd tend to agree. If you attend Breakfast for Dinner you'll get to sample breakfast cuisine prepared by 17 chefs. We're talking Bubby's, Serafina, Dos Caminos, and so many more.


There will also be live music, breakfast cocktails, and beer. At the end, you'll get to weigh in on the People's Choice Award for Best Breakfast in NYC.

If that sounds like just about the most fun night you can think of, then you should get yourself some tickets. Buy them here.

4. Drink at SideBAR (118 East 15th Street)

sidebarnyc Calling all #LeapYearBabies we're throwing a party w FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT starting at 7PM for all the 2/29 babies!

If you were born on a leap day, you're in luck.

Not only will you be able to get a free one-topping personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut, you'll also be able to enjoy a free entree at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Plus, if you get to SideBAR on Monday night after 7 p.m., you can drink for free all night long.

If you weren't on born on a leap day, you can still have fun at SideBAR's party. They'll be doling at $5 leap frog shots from 7 p.m. onwards, and generally getting down to celebrate the leap day. Rock on, SideBAR.


5. Leap Day Celebration at Arlene's Grocery (95 Stanton Street)

arlenesgrocery She can WAIL! Thank you, Schooley Mountain Band! 🎤🎸 #ArlenesGrocery #SchooleyMountainBand #LiveMusic #LES #NewYork #RockNRoll

Does jamming out to some music sound like a good way for you to get down on February 29th?

Great, then you should get to Arlene's Grocery from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., to see the Wild Honey Pie's presentation of A Leap Day Celebration.


There will be performances by Lazyeyes, Corporal, and Goodman, all of whom play riff-happy, guitar-based dream-pop. It's definitely a blast to listen to.

Happy hour will be until 8 p.m. and the music will bump all night long. You interested? Grab your tickets here.

6. Leap Day Celebration at the New York Public Library (976 Castleton Avenue - Staten Island)

nypl Check out that ceiling swoosh in our Library of the Week: Allerton Library in the Bronx! 📚❤️ It was built in 1960 and spruced up in 2015, and is located just north of the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden.

We wouldn't expect the New York Public Library to throw down for leap day, but in fact they are.

Well, the West New Brighton branch of the New York Public Library on Staten Island is throwing down, and if you're going to be there on that day and you want to be around some books and leap day cheer, the library is where you should be.

There will be crafts, activities, and fun, and it's all happening at 3:30 p.m. If you have to play hooky from work to craft at the public library on Leap Day, so be it.

7. Battle of Brussels (12 Saint Mark's Place)

nycvegfoodfest So much possibility and delight in a Brussels sprout. Try out 6+ different chef takes on these guys Monday 2/29 at the #BattleofBrussels vegan #cookingcompetition!!! ⚖Ticket link in profile 📸 @heartbeetkitchen ・・・ 🌱{new recipe} this Warm Sweet Potato Salad with Maple Mustard Vinaigrette is on the blog! So many textures going on, and can't get enough of that vinaigrette situation. file) partner @kitchenaidusa •• #f52grams #thekitchn #paleofood #madewithkitchenaid

Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation for no reason. If you ask us, they're among the most delicious of the vegetables, especially if they're prepared correctly.

If you've got an aversion to Brussels sprouts, we urge you to try them again. You might be delighted with the results.


Anyway, VSpot Organic is hosting the Battle of Brussels on February 29th at 7 p.m. There will be eight chefs preparing crispy, crunchy, roasted, and fried Brussels sprouts. They'll also have chips and salsa.

There will also be margaritas flowing, and voting afterward. If you participate, you'll get to choose the People's Choice award for Best Brussels in NYC.

That's a lot of power and deliciousness. Get your tickets here.

8. Kosher Food and Wine Experience (Pier 60)

shenascakes Had to share this gorgeous presentation by @moshesegev. I was very fortunate to work for such an amazing Israeli, celebrity chef yesterday. Thank you for the experience! #wizo #kosherfoodandwineexperience #moshesegev #beautiful #beautifulevent #gorgeouspresentation

Are you kosher? Do you want to know what it's like to be kosher?

If either of those questions applied to your life, you need to be at the Kosher Food & Wine Experience at Chelsea Piers on February 29th.

There will be 200 kosher wines for you to sample, and a variety of kosher foods for your kosher delight.

General admission is sold out, but you can still buy VIP tickets, which will get you admission to an exclusive yacht, a wider range of wines, a selection of aged bourbons, sotches, and tequilas, and some really stellar hors d'oevres.

If you're in for this, get your tickets here.

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