What qualities do you look for in a neighborhood? 

We'd be down with living in a cool one, but there's that whole 'affordability' thing and a decent commute time is kind of important, too.

When it comes to the best neighborhoods to live in, Niche has it covered. 

They recently cultivated a list of the best neighborhoods in NYC, and their results had a solid blend of typical top-notch contenders and underdogs. 

Most importantly―but least surprisingly―Tribeca is the "best" neighborhood to live in NYC. Shocking, right? 

In developing their list, Niche considered more than a dozen factors, ranging from the obvious (crime and safety, cost of living) to the subtle (health and fitness, outdoor activities).

Some rankings come as no surprise, like the financial district in sixth place and, again―REALLY SHOCKING, GUYS―Tribeca at the top. 

SoHo and NoHo placed ninth and tenth, respectively. 


But other rankings surprised us, such as DUMBO (number four) and Astoria (94th), with the former the "best" 'hood in Brooklyn. Color us genuinely puzzled. Or not. It's Brooklyn. Nothing's that surprising about a heavily gentrified borough. 

Oh, and Williamsburg? Not in the top ten, not in the top twenty, not even in the top one hundred. It's the one-hundred-and-twenty-ninth best neighborhood to live in, according to this list. Check out where your neighborhood placed here.

[via Niche] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]