Got the Munchies? Of Course You Do: 8 Most Insane NYC Foods to Spoil Yourself with This 4/20

Prepare yourselves, potheads. 

The most celebrated, green holiday is fast approaching. 

Nah, we're not talking Earth Day, though it fittingly falls on the same week as the unofficial official national stoner's day, 4/20.

This Wednesday, don't just prepare to light up in honor of one of the most anticipated days of the year; prepare for the subsequent but equally important munchies that will inevitably follow. 

Because it's a holiday, don't stick with the mundane king sized bag of Doritos or crappy store-bought doughnuts. 

Treat yo'self with some next level snacks to scratch that cannabis-influenced itch. 

Here are some of the most satisfying foods to chow down on post-toke in NYC.

Everything Doughnut from the Doughnut Project (10 Morton Street)


Uh, hello beautiful. 

Is it a doughnut or a bagel? Is it both? Is it neither? 

These are the existential questions you will struggle with before you bite into this uniquely mind-altering conundrum. 

We tried the "Everything Doughnut" from The Doughnut Project, and it's safe to say that the jury's still out, though we weren't stoned when we had the pleasure of trying it. 

The Alton Burger from Umami Burger (various locations)


What's more perfect for some stoned-out munchies than a burger? A breakfast burger like the "Alton Burger" from Umami Burger, complete with tater tots and a fried egg.

This baby consist of a beef patty speckled with bacon lardons (aka pork on flavor steroids... but not really), cheddar cheese, smashed cheesy tater tots, miso-smoked bacon, fried sage leaves, coffee ketchup, and the piece de resistance, a fried egg. 

Tatchos from The Burgery (67 Clinton Street)

Speaking of tater tots, how about some tater tot nachos, ahem, tater totchos

Head to the Lower East Side to The Burgery for the tator tatchos topped with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeño, and black beans. 

They're like nachos, but infinitely better. If you're seriously not feelin' it, go for the crispy fried pickles. Insane. 

Ice + Vice Spoon U Ice Cream (221 East Broadway)


If you've never heard of Ice + Vice, you're about to have your munchie mind blown. With flavors like the "Detention Ice Cream Sandwich," with malted vanilla ice cream, Mexican chocolate brownie, and Fruity Pebble Dust, this chilled confectionary delight is a stoner's must. 

However, we're feelin' blogger, Spoon University's guest flavor, "Spoon U," consisting of Fireball whiskey, flaming hot Cheetos ramen, and ramen spice brittle. Think of it like a textural and flavor explosion. Boom.

Mac'N Cheese Pancake Egg Sandwich from Shopsins (120 Essex Street)


Mac'N Cheese Pancake Egg Sandwich? Yep, they're definitely a thing, and Shopsins is throwing it down. Once you get used to the menu, which is essentially like a hallucinogenic-inducing drug in itself,  order the "Mac'N Cheese Pancake Sandwich Eggs." 

What is it? It's two mac'n cheese pancakes sandwiching an egg sandwich. You can even get it with panko maple duck or chicken, or bbq pork and guacamole. Stoner's paradise. 

Nutella Waffle from Eataly (200 5th Avenue)


Need a sweet treat? Head over to Eataly for their "Waffle con Gelato e Nutella" for the most delicious, devilish dish this side of the Hudson. 

Sure, it looks like an unassuming Belgium waffle, but it contains rivers of Nutella atop a fluffy, crispy, perfect waffle. Professional tip: order three. One is not enough. 

ANY Milkshake from Black Tap Burgers (various locations)


If you haven't heard of Black Tap's milkshakes, you've been smoking too much weed. These insane milkshakes have taken over the internet with their insanity. What are they? 

They're incredible milkshake topped high with any form of candy, cookie, cake, etc that could fit on top of a massive shake. 

King Creole Benedict from Queens Comfort (40-09 30th Avenue - Queens)


Think crazy Eggs Benedict with layers of tilapia, Cajun-seasoned shrimp, perfectly poached eggs, buckets of hollandaise, and two slices of cornbread. Too NOLA for ya?

Try the "Breakfast Lasagna Benedict" with breakfast sausage, bacon, spinach, tomato, and mozzarella, all atop some Eggs Benedict. 

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