'Tis the Season: 7 Best Places for the Most Delicious Lobster Rolls in NYC

The sun is shining, and forecasts predict summer-like temperatures this weekend. 

That can only mean one thing: seafood season is fast approaching. 

We're anxiously anticipating the return of our favorite crustacean (the lobster) and its perfect culinary preparation (the lobster roll).  

Who says you have to go all the way up to Maine for a delicious lobster roll? We don't. 

In fact, we'll highly advise you to save your free time, sanity, and gas, and chow down on the delicious rolls we're offering right here in New York City. 

So where can you get a lobster roll as delicious (or more so) than our northern neighbors? 

Hit up these spots for the most delicious lobster rolls in NYC. 

Luke's Lobster (various locations)


If you want a delicious lobster roll, it doesn't take a lot of searching in NYC, particularly due to the prevalence of Luke's Lobster. 

This former lobsterman decided to make a New England lobster roll the way that NYC had never seen prior. He uses the meat from at least five to six lobster claws to make each griddled, split-top bun. 


Best part yet? It's not drowning in mayo and other unnecessary additives, but is as simple a roll can get. 

In short, they taste like springtime in Maine, which, when you're talking about lobster, is a good thing. 

Burger & Lobster (39 West 19th Street)

As long as you can appreciate the concept of dining in a place without wifi, as in, you'll have to interact with others, you'll do fine here. 

Though many seafood joints stem from elsewhere in the country, this one hails all the way from across the pond, bringing a London favorite to the Big Apple. 

Unfortunately, you just missed their "Tattoos and Tequila" promo, which would have traded you a years worth of free meals at the restaurant for a one-square-inch tattoo on your body. 

Regardless, the food is delicious, and the lobster rolls are overflowing with meat. For $20, you can get a lobster roll, fries, and a salad, which is a pretty sweet deal in NYC. 

Lobster Joint (1073 Manhattan Avenue - Brooklyn)

If you want a meal consisting of all things related to the king of crustaceans, you have to head to the Lobster Joint in Greenpoint.  Before you do anything else, order a "Lobster Claw Bloody Mary," topped with celery, pickles, olives, and a lobster claw. Once you've quenched your thirst, check out the rolls.

The lobster rolls at the Lobster Joint are top notch. With three different options of preparation, there's something for everyone. We're huge fans of the "Lobster Club Roll," with celery, fresh herb mayo, avocado, and bacon, because bacon makes everything better. 


Or, simply go traditional with either the "New England Lobster Roll" with celery and fresh herb mayo, or the "Connecticut Lobster Roll," with warm butter. Either way, you can't go wrong. 

The Lobster Place (75 9th Avenue)


There are so many food options in Chelsea Market, but The Lobster Place is a must. Their lobster rolls are stuffed with massive, fresh chunks of lobster meat in a perfectly buttered, toasted bun. 

Best part yet? It's the perfect place to snag a fast lobster roll on your lunch break, or if you're in a rush to get outside to chow down while enjoying the gorgeous weather. 

Grab the lunch box for a side of chips and coleslaw with a drink. 


Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar (75 9th Avenue)

Right next to The Lobster Place is Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar, the spot you should hit in the Chelsea Market if you're looking for more of an experience rather than a fast casual place to grab a lobster roll. 

Cull & Pistol doesn't mess around when it comes to their lobster roll. You can have it Connecticut style or Maine style. The Connecticut style consists of warmed butter and lemon with kewpie mayo (a Japanese mayo made with rice vinegar). Maine style consists of lobster with mayo and scallions. 


Either way, you're going to get a lot of delicious lobster meat to stuff your face with. #winning. 

Red Hook Lobster (various locations)

Like Luke's, you can get a lobster roll for as low as $17, which (when speaking of lobster rolls) is seriously cheap. Whether you're hitting one of their locations in NYC or ordering from their food truck, their lobster is quality. Wondering where they are today? Just check out their Twitter

We love their "BLT Lobster Roll," which consists of lobster, mayo, and applewood smoked bacon, topped with paprika and scallions. Want traditional? Try their Maine lobster roll with a light touch of homemade mayo in a buttered bun, and topped with paprika and scallions. 

The Crabby Shack (613 Franklin Avenue - Brooklyn)


Sometimes you really need a cheap, but quality lobster roll. That's when you need to get to The Crabby Shack. Whether you're ordering up their crab roll (just as tasty as a lobster roll), or going simply for a delicious lobster roll, you're going to have a wonderful meal here. 


Their lobster roll is packed with incredible, massive chunks of lobster on a toasted roll. Just be sure to get a side of lobster mac and cheese, because you can never have too much lobster. 

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