Bring on the Brain Freeze! 9 Best NYC Ice Cream Shops You Absolutely Must Check Out

Oh, hello there, warm weather. Nice to see you. Where the hell have you been? Please don't leave us. PLEASE.

Now that its FINALLY springtime, it's time to bust out the frozen desserts. Specifically, ice cream. 

And New York City has no shortage of amazing ice cream spots. 

Whether you're looking for a classic, no nonsense ice cream sundae or you're in the mood to try the newest kooky flavors, there's plenty of delicious shops in the city for you to enjoy. 

Read on to find out about our favorites-- oh, not just our favorites, but some of these have even opened new locations around NYC. 

1. 10Below (10 Mott Street)

We know, we know, this place has been hyped up a lot. And there's hella long lines. But it is totally worth it.

10Below specializes in Thai rolled ice cream, which is a super unique (and delicious) way to enjoy this frozen favorite. The toppings are amazing, with some standouts being super fresh fruit and Teddy Grahams.


It's a little pricey, so not something you'll go for every time you're craving ice cream, but it's definitely something you need to experience at least once.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (61 Grove Street)


Between cheeky flavor names, vibrant decor, and a super outgoing staff, this is an ice cream experience you definitely won't forget. 

Their creations are just as memorable. We highly recommend the "Salty Pimp" made with vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche and sea salt, then dipped in chocolate. It's AMAZING. 

3. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream (2 Rivington Street)


While the nuance of celebrity access has worn off by now for most of us, it's still pretty cool to be able to say that you've been in the same ice cream shop that was featured on Aziz Ansari's hit Netflix show Master of None. 

But aside from that, this place will give you all those feel-good feels that only an old timey ice cream parlor can provide. They've got a ton of classic flavors to go along with the decor, in addition to some wackier, more unexpected varieties, such as Durian Banana and Green Tea Pistachio. 

4. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream (199 Avenue A)

Have you ever expressed a need for ice cream only to be met with an "It's too cold for ice cream!" by someone who is clearly an inferior species? We certainly have.

Well, next time that happens, head over to Mikey Likes It for a piping hot waffle served with your ice cream, a hot/cold balance that creates a perfectly melty and unbelievably delicious treat. 


They've also got a flavor of the month, so there's always something new and different to try out.

5. OddFellows  (75 East 4th Street)


This place is awesome for so many reasons.

First and foremost, they offer some of the craziest flavors known to man: Ants on a Log, Thai Iced Tea, and Beet Pistachio Chocolate to name a few. You can also have your ice cream served to you in a tasty brioche bun, which is so delicious it almost shouldn't be allowed.

But what makes this place so unique is that they actually sell Lactaid pills, right in the store, for only 50 cents. Lactose intolerant humans, rejoice! 


6. Dominique Ansel Kitchen (137 7th Avenue South)

If you've ever heard of the Cronut, then you're already somewhat familiar with Dominique Ansel.

But what you may not know is that the restaurant & bakery offers a wide variety of menu items that are just as scrumptious and worth a try. 


Not only are there a ton of interesting and visually beautiful sundaes to choose from, they also offer up their delicious soft serve via a special ice cream window.

7. Coney's Cones (1023 Boardwalk W - Brooklyn)


Craving ice cream with an Italian twist? It's worth trekking to Coney Island for some of the incredible gelato served up at Coney's. It's super creamy, amazing, and only about $5 for two scoops.

If you're not feeling like gelato (in which case we question your sanity, but we digress), then go for one of their Granitas. It's essentially an Italian slushie and it's super refreshing. 

8. MilkMade Tasting Room (204 Sackett Street - Brooklyn)


Look how happy this dog is. That could be you.  

This place not only has a variety of unique ice cream flavors (such as Dark & Stormy and Rootbeer Float), they also have a ton of incredible cone flavors to choose from (i.e. Pumpkin Spice & Red Velvet).


In case you just can't decide on a flavor (we've all been there), MilkMade also offers a tasting flight, so you can sample a bunch of ice creams at once. 

9. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream (various locations) 

Though we tend to scoff at anything that claims to be "artisan", Van Leeuwen offers such incredible, thick, creamy vegan ice cream that we believe them. And don't worry - they offer regular ice cream, too. 

Flavors include Carmel, Earl Grey and Honeycomb, which is their must-try flavor. Trust us, you won't be disappointed. 

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