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Because It's Beautiful Out There: 7 Best Outdoor Spots for Cheap Eats in Manhattan

With the bitter memories of winter finally beginning to fade, we want to fully take advantage of the beautiful spring weather: outdoor movies, music festivals, drinking on boats

We also want to eat as many meals outside as we can. 

It sort of reminds us of grade school when we'd have lunch outside when it was nice out, a time when we didn't know what taxes were and nothing hurt. 

There's no shortage of outdoor dining spots in New York City. And ones that won't break the bank, either.

Read on to find out the best and cheapest spots for eating outdoors this summer in NYC. 

1. Otto's Tacos (141 2nd Avenue)  


You can't go wrong with tacos. It's very, very difficult. And when they're super cheap, you definitely can't go wrong.


Otto's serves up fresh, flavorful tacos, out-of-this-world guacamole, and an amazing horchata. It's a teensy restaurant, but in the summer they open up their outdoor space so you can enjoy tacos in the sunshine. What is better than that??

2. Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs (135 West Broadway) 


Aside from their adorable name and decor, Tiny's is a fanatically cozy brunch spot. You can enjoy your meal outside in their patio area where you'll have a view of the building's bright pink exterior, or head upstairs to the bar for a cocktail or two. 

This place lives up to the name. It is indeed quite tiny; but super charming. And for the food and the prices, it's definitely well worth it. 

3. Shake Shack (East 23rd Street & Madison Avenue)


We know, it's overrated. But it's freakin' delicious.

And now that it's warm out, we no longer have to shiver in the blistering winter winds while chowing down on our burgers and fries at the Madison Square Park location, along with several other dedicated patrons. 


4. Mark (33 St. Mark's Place)

If you're over all the burger fads and foodie trends cropping up all over the place and want just a plain, good old-fashioned burger done right, Mark is the place for you.


Despite it's trendy location, you can nab some delicious, no nonsense pub food at a good price. Sliders will cost you around $2.95 each, and are pretty decently sized. 

They're also open until midnight on Thursdays and 1 a.m. on weekends, so it's a great spot for a late night bite. 


5. Alfie's (800 9th Avenue)


If you want to brunch like you've never brunched before, head to Alfie's. Their delectable menu features items like Caramel French Toast, Avocado Toast, and a Pulled Pork Sandwich, for a super affordable price.


And even better - every item on the brunch menu comes with a FREE cocktail. YAS. During happy hours, they offer $5 drafts and $6 well drinks.


6. Tappo Thin Crust Pizza (49 West 24th Street)


This place knows how to do thin crust. They make their pizzas so thin they're almost cracker-like, yet bursting with toppings and flavor. We highly recommend the BBQ Pulled Pork pizza. Its incredible. 

Tappo is also a perfect spot during springtime. You can enjoy your pizzas on their outdoor patio space, and then head over to Madison Square Park or gaze at the Flatiron building-- both are just steps away. 

7. Bite (333 Lafayette Street)


If you're on the go and on a budget (ya know, like all of us are), this place is a great option. They've got salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc, all at a super affordable price. 


Grab it on your way to work, too - they've got breakfast sandwiches for only $4. Seriously, that's music to our ears. 

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