Wanna Get Sloppy? 8 Best Spots for Bottomless Brunch in NYC

Okay, let's be clear about this: you're not ordering from restaurants that serve boozy brunch in New York City. You're doing it for the drinks, through and through.

A couple of years ago, a rumor rippled through NYC; that the bottomless brunch beverages we'd all been pouring in our faces every weekend were, in fact, illegal.

Now, that rumor wound up being false, but bottomless brunch is not legal in every state. It's not legal in Massachusetts, Delaware, Illinois, or Maine.

So now that we've established that bottomless brunch is not to be taken for granted, we'll also admit that it's not the classiest move.

When you hit bottomless brunch, you tend to get sloppy. You tend to break glasses and yell and flirt with the people at the table next to you.

Whether it's classy or not, it's still a blast. Read on to find the best places in NYC to pound bloody Marys and mimosas on a weekend afternoon.

1. DiWine (41-15 31st Avenue - Queens)

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Pay $14 on top of your $15 weekends only prix fixe to snag yourself a hearty bottomless brunch at DiWine.

If you can swing it, come here during Sunday brunch. They've got some rocking live music, and a very relaxed atmosphere and a lovely wooden decor. 


If you're in love with wine, if you think wine is the best drunk, you definitely need to check out brunch at DiWine.

They're brilliant with their wine pairings, their tuna tartar is a profound revelation, and the mini skewers make us drool to think about. If you want to eat at DiWine, be warned, you'll get addicted.

2. L'Asso (192 Mott Street)

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Uh, let us talk about the brunch deal at L'Asso.

For $20, you'll get yourself their bottomless bloody Mary and mimosa deal, and you'll also get to enjoy the really, really tasty pizza.

You want a really legitimate specimen of NYC pizza alongside unlimited bloody Marys? 

If that's what you aspire to for the weekend, you'll definitely need to visit L'Asso. We're in love with the breakfast pizza, but of course the brick oven pizza has our hearts and always will.

You won't find a much better pizza in NYC, we promise. 

3. Agave (140 7th Avenue South)

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At Agave, the delicious West Village gem, you pay a $27.95 flat fee which will get you a two hour bottomless brunch.

You'll get the choice of mimosas, wine, or their Agave traditional margarita.


Want to talk about the food? You absolutely have got to try the sunrise fiesta burrito or Texas pecan apple pancakes: they'll totally rock your world.

Agave is a popular brunch spot, so you need to make sure you make a reservation. Make it more than a week in advance, actually, if you want to make sure you get a table.

4. Fonda (various locations)

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At Fonda, your $29.95 will get you as many frozen hibiscus rosalitas, classic margaritas, mimosas, bloody marys, and beers you can get your hands on.

This is true for both their East Village and Brooklyn locations, by the way.

Want heavenly? Try the spicy guacamole. It's the stuff of paradise. Another excellent aspect of brunch at Fonda is that they let you switch between drinks throughout the duration of your meal, which many bottomless brunch spots don't allow.

Also, we love all the egg dishes here - they're all well seasoned and compliment each other well. If you love Mexican food and unlimited booze, Fonda is your move.


5. Tavern29 (47 East 29th Street)

mrjohnpatrick This 📷 by @elora.ashley says everything about our relationship. No, I didn't order the burger or the beer.

Making a reservation here for a weekend brunch is the move. It tends to get mobbed.

You'll probably wind up getting addicted to their bottomless brunch and come here every weekend, but, whatever. There are worse things you could be addicted to.


Our most beloved menu items are the hangover burger and the parmesan truffle fries, although we'd be lying if we said we didn't long for the salmon eggs Benedict.

Still, the burgers are perfectly cooked, the sweet potato fries are some of the best we've ever had, and bottomless brunch will only set you back $25. Tavern29 is a great move to make on the weekends for a win.

6. Cafe Cortadito (210 East 3rd Street)

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At Cafe Cortadito, you pay $29.95 for an entree and an hour and a half of endless mimosas, red or white sangria, champagne mojitos, champagne margaritas, bloody Marys, or house beer.

Some other amazing news? Well, we're all about the food, too. Our favorites are the Cuban sandwich, the ropa vieja, and the mouth-watering Chimichurri Churrasco. 

So, yeah, the food at Cafe Cortadito is absolutely on point, especially if you've been craving your Cuban fix, and the boozy brunch is everything you could want and more.

7. Poco Bar (33 Avenue B)

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The atmosphere at this wild East Village bar is a blast, to say the least.

Fork over your $26.95 on the weekends, and you'll snag yourself an hour and a half of bloody Marys, mimosas, or white sangria.


If you're looking to treat yourself, try the lobster Benedict. It's fantastic, topped with a rich, creamy, cheesy sauce and big chunks of well cooked lobster.

We hope your waitress is swift and your chugging is fast, so you can get everything possible out of this deal. We predict that'll go well, because the service here is incredible, and the pitchers of mimosas, bloody Marys, or sangria are never-ending.

8. PMF Pardon My French (103 Avenue B)

vickicee #bakedeggs with spicy tomatoes sauce and feta cheese. So good #pmfpardonmyfrench

Pay $28.95 for an entree and bottomless booze at PMF, and you'll get to choose between mimosas and bloody Marys.

Brunch at PMF will exceed all possible expectations, and put you in a position where you're just waiting until your next chance to go back.

Everything is tasty and fancy, from the stuffed portobello mushrooms with goat cheese and quail eggs, to the truffle fries we absolutely love.

The food at PMF is delicious, and the alcohol is strong. Get ready to get dizzy.

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