Get the Most Bang for Your Buck: 8 Best Bars to Get a Cheap Drink on Sundays in NYC

Sundays, Sundays, you've got to party on Sundays. That's how the song goes, right? 

Anyway, there are plenty of citizens of New York City who swear by Sunday as the best day in the city to drink.

Why is Sunday the best day to drink? Well, you've had all day Saturday to relax and save up your energy for getting wild on Sunday, that's why.

Plus, living in NYC makes it easier; lots of bars are offering amazing Sunday drink specials, and a lot of them are doing it alongside delicious brunch eats.

We know you want to get crunk on Sunday. That's why we've compiled a list of the best drink deals in the city for Sunday below. Read and weep. Well, actually don't weep. Read it and jump for joy.

1. Down the Hatch (179 West 4th Street)

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Oh hey, Sundays at Down the Hatch.

We love Sundays at Down the Hatch for a lot of reasons. Want to know what they are? Great, because we'll lay them out for you right now.

On Sundays at Down the Hatch for $25, you can get unlimited atomic wings, fries, onion rings, tater tots, breakfast baskets, draft beers, and mimosas.


Tell us you've heard of a better deal and we'll tell you you're a liar. Oh, they've also got $3 domestic bottles and cans, and a $4 drink of their choice.

That's not enough for you? Okay, well, how about half-priced drafts and pitchers, and $4 shots of jack, Jameson, and Jim Bean?

Yeah, incredible right?

2. Off the Wagon (109 MacDougal Street)

Oh, Off the Wagon, how we love you so.

At Off the Wagon on Sundays, it's basically paradise. Let us explain. From 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. they've got a $4 shot of their choice, and then from 8 p.m. to close all bottled beer, draft beer, mixed drinks and shots cost $4.

This is a very fun dive bar, with cheap drinks, fun people, and beer pong. We promise, you'll have a good time.

So, yeah, if you're thinking about getting after it on a Sunday night in NYC, Off the Wagon is definitely the place to do it.

3. Hair of the Dog (168 Orchard Street)

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Hair of the Dog, one of the rowdiest, most turn-up bars in the city, has half-priced bloody Marys all day on Sundays until 4 p.m.

It makes sense that a bar titled "Hair of the Dog" would offer half-priced bloody Marys, the world's most curative drink, doesn't it?


Yeah, we thought it did too. Also, all their beers are half-priced all day Sunday and all night, and they've got half priced coffee spikes until 4 p.m.

So, yeah, grab your friends for some Sunday drinking at Hair of the Dog. They've got sporting events playing all day long, and they've got plenty of tables for you to flex your muscles in beer pong.

4. Promenade Bar & Grill (344 3rd Avenue)

You want to talk bottomless? Okay, we can talk bottomless. At Promenade Bar & Grill on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., all you have to do is fork over $25.

Then, you'll get an hour and a half of free mimosas, bellinis, screwdrivers, and bloody Marys.

So you'll get completely twisted, and you'll also get the chance to enjoy their tasty food. 

They've got unbelievable sliders which are stuffed with cheese, unreal wings, top notch nachos, and TVs everywhere you turn. So watching Sunday sports while you drink all day is a yes.

All we can really say is, taste the quesadilla at Promenade Bar & Grill before you die. We mean it.


5. Hurley's Saloon (232 West 48th Street)

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Hey Hurley's Saloon. Thanks for having such relaxed Sunday deals, we're really all about that.

At Hurley's Saloon on Sundays, they've got $5 drafts and $5 wings. Got a couple of fives? If that's the case, you'll wind up getting full on tasty, spicy wings and completely wasted on delicious beer, too.


Also, their lobster bisque stands out in the best way, and their cheesecake is really incredible. They've also got a pretty varied and diverse selection of beers.

If you want to drink at the chillest bar in Times Square, Hurley's Saloon is definitely where you need to go. We mean it; you're very unlikely to find a deal like this anywhere else in Midtown.

6. Bierhaus (712 3rd Avenue)

The best brunch in all the land? Well, if you're a kid under the age of 10, you'll eat for free on Sundays at Bierhaus.

Since we're betting you're not a kid under the age of 10, we'll talk to you about the alcohol situation. It's truly unbelievable.

At Bierhaus on Sundays you'll pay $15.95 for the price of your brunch, and you'll also get to down unlimited mimosas for the duration of your meal.

That's right: $15.95 for unlimited mimosas, and some of the tastiest brunch you've ever had. Try it soon.

7. The Gin Mill (442 Amsterdam Avenue)

theginmill A new month but the same good old bar! Join us! #TheGinMillNYC #PerfectCombination #UpperWestSide #UWS

$3 drinks at The Gin Mill on Sundays for the win.

Don't want to spend a whole lot getting drunk on Sundays on the Upper West Side? Well, it doesn't really get much better than $3 drinks, does it?


Yeah, we agree. It doesn't. The Gin Mill chooses a different drink, draft, bottle, and shot every Sunday to be $3. So you never know what you'll get. One Sunday you might be able to drink a $3 tequila shot, the next Sunday it might be Fireball.

Either way, the $3 special is a blast, and it goes on from 8 p.m. to close. if you go to The Gin Mill on a Sunday that isn't football season between 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m., the whole bar is half-priced. Winning.

8. Merrion Square (1840 Second Avenue)

Like skee-ball? 

Great, because this Upper East Side gem is perfect for that. They're also great for excellent drink and food deals on Sundays.

You want to know about them? Great, we'll tell you about them.

All day long on Sundays at Merrion Square, they've got $4 Yuengling drafts, $4 well liquor drinks, $5 glasses of red and white wine, and $6 dark and stormys. 

Of course, all this drinking will get you pretty hungry, right? Good thing Merrion Square offers free buffalo wings with every pitcher of beer purchased (besides Yeungling and PBR).

You can also get a free hamburger at Merrion Square with the purchase of a drink.

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