The Bronx Is Berning: Bernie Sanders Is Coming to the South Bronx on Thursday!

Feelin' the Bern? Well, you're about to get the best news you've ever heard in your life! 

What if you're just a fan of historical events going down in the Boogie Down Bronx? That's not as weird as you might think, but yeah, we've still probably got the best news you've ever heard in your life!

Yes, tomorrow evening at 4:00 p.m., Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Bernie Sanders will be holding a rally at St. Mary's Park. 

It's free and open to the public, however it is most certainly first-come, first-served as it's a pretty big deal. 

It's the first time a presidential candidate has visited The Bronx since Robert F. Kennedy. 

No matter what your politics are, it's impossible not to have noticed what Sanders has done with his campaign. 

For good or for ill, he's turning the heads of young voters and starting conversations where once there were few or none to be heard at all. 

So yeah, that's pretty dope considering when the presidential elections roll around in November, we want all who cast their vote to be at least moderately informed in the opinion they have.


It's free. It's open to the public. But it would be wise to remember to RSVP right here at the official site of the Bernie Sanders campaign. 


Joining Bernie at the rally will be Rosario Dawson and Residente, the former vocalist of Puerto Rico's activist music sensation, 'Calle 13.'

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[via Welcome2TheBronx] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]