Many New Yorkers have been feeling the Bern leading up to the New York's primaries, and ever the heart string tugger with young people, Bernie Sanders' campaign has been booking popular local acts at his rallies of late. 

For New York City, though, Sanders is bringing out the big guns. 

For his rally at Prospect Park on the 17th, two days ahead of primaries on April 19th, Grizzly Bear will be performing. The next day he will feature TV on the Radio in Long Island City. But today, Vampire Weekend plays the Bernie rally in Washington Square Park!

These events are free and open to the public, however, it's strongly urged that you RSVP through the links above. 

If recent rallies have been any indication of how mobbed these events will be, you should definitely get there early and plan to wait in line. 

But really, when have you ever had the opportunity to see any of these bands for free without waiting. For Vampire Weekend, the music starts at 7p.m. 

Needless to say, parking will be a nightmare around all three events. 


Take the subway, bring a pocket sandwich and maybe, a flask. That's how American politics are meant to be observed. 

Of course, you might see some pretty pissed off people at these rallies. There's been recent backlash about the very essence of closed primaries, which is exactly what the Democratic primary is. 

In order to vote in this Democratic primary, you needed to register as a Democrat by deadlines in October and March. 

Many, namely Bernie Sanders supporters, feel as though the system itself isn't even slightly transparent, according to voters who've voiced their frustration to The Guardian.


One voter went as far as to call the system bullsh*t saying, "This feels like a bullshit way to disenfranchise people in the primary. Given that our presidential elections are two-party affairs, it seems pretty disingenuous to make it so hard for some people to participate."

Of course, if you're a Bernie faithful, pissed off comes with the territory. 

His platform, a revolution under construction, is one seeking to change the nuances of politics that alienate the voting system from the voters: corporate campaign contributions, restrictive voting policies, and general disenfranchisement. 

While we can't dig into too much of that, we're looking forward to three bands that seem to be the perfect bill for his supporters. If you're interested in going, make sure you RSVP right here

Check out Bernie Sanders to Hold Rally in NYC's Washington Square Park Tonight.

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