As far as reaching out to young people and minorities, Bernie Sanders' campaign has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with music and musicians, whether it's his massively popular interview with Killer Mike to his fond enjoyment of Phish. 

Also, there have been local bands hired to play Sanders events leading up to his time in New York City, where Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear headlined huge rallies last week. 

Tonight's rally will feature TV on the Radio in Long Island City, before tomorrow's primaries. 

But this weekend, the Sanders campaign is hosting "Berniechella," a free two-day festival leading up to Coachella's second weekend. 

The line up is diverse but also well-curated. 

April 21-22nd will see artists ranging from Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros), Ozomatli, Zoe Kravitz, and more. 

While some may take issue with the event's relation to Coachella, or the fact that Hillary Clinton doesn't have a comparable event-- Mayor Steven Hernandez said this, "If she wanted to come here and do something, we'd be open to that, too." 


And fear not Left Coasters, Bernie isn't blowing your donations on booking rock stars, as organizers are donating their time and talent. 

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[via Live for Live Music] [Feature Image Courtesy VivaLa]