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Oooo We Wanna Take Ya! This $3,000 Bermuda Vacation Is the Best Way to Celebrate Summer

What's your favorite part of summer?

Is it relaxing pool/beach side? Eating an absurd amount of ice cream to beat the heat? Or maybe taking that much needed vacation and exploring worlds not yet known to your Instagram?

When it comes to exploring new places, we've got you covered.

We've teamed up with Headlines & Heroes, She Finds, DAYBREAKER, and Bermuda Tourism Authority to reward two peeps, and their plus one peeps, to the beautiful island of Bermuda.

You may be wondering: what is there to do in Bermuda?

Hella lots. There's hella lot to do in Bermuda.

You can check out some colorful historical reenactments, watch a dope fire dancing show (making sure not to stand too close to the performers or at least remembering how to stop, drop, and roll), or even swim with some dolphins.

Don't act like you've never wanted to swim with a dolphin. If you've never wanted to swim with a dolphin, you're lying to yourself. Secretly, we all have. Even dolphins. That's why they're always chillin' together. 

Did we lose ya? Our bad. Blame it on the dolphins. 

Back to the point! Two winners will be given roundtrip airfare for them and a guest to Bermuda from any place in the continental U.S. Yes, even you, dude stuck in the sticks and suburbs of Arizona! We know you definitely need a vacation!


We'll put you up in style with a three-day, two-night stay at a luxury four star hotel in Bermuda. If you ended up spending your entire stay soaking up everything at this luxurious hotel, we wouldn't judge you... Well, maybe just a little bit.

Don't worry about having to figure out Bermudian Uber, because we'll also cover your travel expenses from the airport to the hotel. We're buds. We got you, fam. 

So what're you waiting for?! Enter now to win this vacation you've been dying to take, unless you can possibly think of some reason not to, which we would honestly like to hear.

Book It to the Beautiful Beaches of Bermuda & Enter to Win This Vacation Right Here. 

[Feature Image Courtesy KansasPhoto/Flickr] 

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