Because... 4/20: Ben & Jerry's Has These Over-the-Top, Deliciously Soft Waffle Cone Wrapped Around Ice Cream and Toppings

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Do you know what day it is? April 19th... Do you know what day tomorrow is? 4-20. If you don't know what it is, then this holiday probably doesn't apply to you. 

For those in the know, be ready for an even more thrilling 4-20 thanks to every stoner's best friend: Ben & Jerry's. 

Tomorrow, Ben & Jerry's is bringing back it's BRRR-ito, which is essentially the best thing known to mankind. 

It's a soft waffle cone wrapped around two scoops of ice cream and toppings... as in, like an individualized Choco Taco, but gourmet. 


Best part yet? Ben & Jerry's is celebrating the holiday by offering a buy two, get one BRRR-ito free, which will satisfy even the most arduous of munchie cravings. 

Need convincing? Check out these photos of the delectable treat below, and get to your nearest Ben & Jerry's ASAP. 

[via Refinery29] 
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