We all know that New York City is filled with some really dope hotels

If you have the disposable income for a staycation at one of these beauties, keep slaying! But for most of us, an $18 dollar cocktail at the hotel bar is the closest we're gonna get.

Add The Beekman Hotel to your list of fancy-ass, completely gorgeous hotels we'll never be able to afford.

TimeOut reports that one of their 287 rooms starts at $439 a night, so like half a month's rent if you have two roommates in Brooklyn. 

We're masochists, so we looked up the price of a Premium King, and it's over $1000. But you do receive complimentary WiFi, so there's that.

However, if you're into turn-of-the-century architecture, the building is from the 1890s, and the interior of the building definitely reflects that. So you should totally creep around the lobby if you have a chance. 

Just walk in with your head up high and act like you own the place. You should fit right in.

Do it for the 'gram!


Also, ICYMI, celebrity chef, Tom Colicchio is opening a restaurant inside the hotel. This is very welcome news since Colicchio & Sons is closing like, next week. 

The vibe of Fowler & Wells seems to be classic American-New York City food with a French twist and the cocktails will have rotating specials highlighting different spirits every month. 

We might have to stop by for drinks– well, if we find an extra $50 lying around.

The restauranteur behind The Odeon, Keith McNally, is also opening a Brasserie-style restaurant named Augustine which will be open from breakfast through dinner. Do we hear brunch?

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]