No Shave for a Cause! You Can Run a Bearded 5K for Charity Because, Well, of Course You Can

 Do you like running? Go you, you healthy thing! Do you love beards? 

Of course you do, everyone loves beards. Fortunately, there is a way to combine both of these, and it’s for charity!

Just in time for No Shave November, Moon Joggers is presenting the virtual Beardpunzel: The Bearded Princess 5K or 10K! 

For $20, you can get a shiny new medal and at least 20% of your fee will go straight to Locks of Love.

Okay, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. To start, wtf is a virtual run

This means that there’s no physical race, with tons of sweaty bodies and number bibs and stuff. It means that the run can be completed solo anywhere in the world, anytime before November 30th, and the length and duration is recorded online.

And Moon Joggers? This is a community of running fanatics who are determined to run the universe. 

Launched in 2013, the group’s mission is to virtually reach all the planets in our solar system by 2023. This year’s goal is Mercury. The logging of your Beardpunzel distance is very important, because these miles help virtually match the distance to the various planets.


Third, what exactly is Beardpunzel? This is the mascot of the run, and is the bearded princess that will appear on your shiny new medal! We all have bad days, so sometimes we need a medal for something as simple as a jog. 

Plus it’s in the spirit of No Shave November, and facial hair is v. awesome.

And lastly, what is Locks of Love? This is a charity dedicated to providing wigs for people under the age of 21 who are suffering from long term illness-related hair loss who might not be able to afford them otherwise. 

The goal for Beardpunzel is to raise $5000 for Locks of Love, so come on, do it for the children!


Plus, if you’re really lazy, you can just log some fake miles and enjoy the really cool medal for giving to charity. Register for your own Beardpunzel 5K here, and don't forget to log your miles!

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