Ah, the relentless, merciless march of time. Many of us aren't in college anymore, and we just cannot be going to the deli and getting a malt liquor 40 for a debaucherous evening on the town.

We're too old for that sh*t. We have to be classy grownups. We have to get rosé 40s.

Yeah that's right my nasty li'l millennials. They now make 40s of everyone's favorite 'bougie lite' bev: Rosé. Now you can play Edward Rosé 40-Hands at your next classy picnic in Central Park!

This best of both worlds, pretty in pink masterpiece is brought to us by genius NYC sommelier Patrick Cappiello. The company is called... Forty Ounce Wines. Look, his creativity can only go so far.

And it's kind of an amazing deal, when you think about it. A typical, nice-ish 25 ounce bottle of rosé goes for around $20, OR you can get almost twice that amount for $16! Yeah that's right, the rosé 40s are only 16 bucks!


Forty Ounce Wines may be cheap, but the quality isn't! The company also makes a muscadet 40, and the wines are produced in the Loire Valley by French winemaker Julien Braud.

Apparently 2016 was a rough year for the Loire Valley, so there are only 1,200 cases out there that def won't last long with the arrival of warm weather. AKA stock your fridge with 40s for the first time since senior year of college.

Everything's coming up rosés.

[Feature Image Courtesy Bravo] [via Delish]