Netflix & Boogie: Will 'The Get Down' Be the Truly Great NYC Story We've Been Waiting For?

The birth of hip-hop is making its way to Netflix this August.

Oh, you've forgotten about the incredible show about the Bronx back in the 70s? We didn't. We've been waiting for it ever since we first heard word of it.

Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down will give us a close look into the Bronx circa 1977, a music centric era smack dab in between the disco and hip-hop days. 

With its overarching focus being the music scene, the show will spotlight on the characters’ personal relationships and storylines. Mainly, the show will follow two high-schoolers living in the South Bronx during New York's hazardous teetering into bankruptcy. 

The first six episodes of the series will premiere on August 12th, with the next bout of episodes airing next year. 

You might recognize some familiar faces, like Jaden Smith (from, well, Will Smith) and Justice Smith (not from Will Smith), who’s best known for his role as Radar in the film Paper Towns. Working alongside them are Herizen Guardiola, Skylan Brooks, Shameik Moore (from Dope), and Tremaine Brown Jr.

Check out the trailer below. Binge while you can. 

Fingers crossed that it doesn't suck like HBO's Vinyl did, is a little more exciting than HBO's The Night Of (don't get it twisted; it's still a great show), and that it's somewhere on par with Netflix's surprise hit of the summer, Stranger Things (which we'll talk about more the second we finish it). 


[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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