Late night revelers will have to find another greasy institution in the attempts to fill in the void in their hearts after 69 Chinese Restaurant closes its doors for good tomorrow. 

According to Eater, the walls of 69 Chinese Restaurant on 69 Bayard Street will no longer be adorned with rows upon rows of dollar bills. 

69 Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown will serve its final dish of gravy noodles, beef chow fun, and fried chicken wings during their service on Saturday. 

Since their opening in the 1970s, 69 Chinese Restaurant has amounted a plethora of fans, whether from their large portions and low prices, their fast service, their unusual decor, or their late night menu. 

Many people are taking to yelp to mourn the loss of their go to spot after a night of alcohol induced revelry. 

Howard H. of Flushing, NY laments, "I just heard on the grapevine that this venerable institution that fed me and my wayward riends night in and night out when back in the day is closing this week... No place could feed hungry kids for such a reasonable price like 69, especially after a night out."


Larry C. of Tampa, FL writes, "after so many drunken nights partying it up in NYC, 69 was always my go to spot. nothing [sic] soaks up beer & alcohol better than their salt & pepper pork chop over white rice... [It] always helped me sober up after scarfing down their rice dishes."

Alicia L. of Manhattan, NY writes, "Who doesn't love the best Chinese food in New York, served to you in quintessential New York Chinatown style, in a place with character covered in dollar bills, by a waiter who speaks no English... I love this place." 

We're disappointed that such a beloved Chinese restaurant will no longer be feeding the hungry, beer-blitzed partiers, the broke New Yorkers looking to save a quick buck on quality food, or the tourists of Chinatown. 

Farewell, 69, we'll miss you. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]