New York City has recently delivered some A+ bangin’ dance events. That massive dance party in Bryant Park was dope.

Time Out reports that there’s another dance event you should boogie on down to next week, and we’ve already got it penciled in.

Battery Park will host a dusk dance festival next week August 14th through the 19th, from 6:30 to 8:30 every night. 

The Battery Festival will deliver pieces performed by international companies, as well as a couple from NYC, obviously. Companies from Austria, India, Turkey, and Romania have gotten in on the action.

Presenting a great amount of variety, artistic director Jonathan Hollander said “that’s our goal―to give access to the art of dance in all its shapes and colors.”

This year’s festival starts off with a touching remembrance of Adel Euro, who had been training with Battery Park Dance from his home in Baghdad via Skype. He was one of more than 300 people killed in a bombing last month.

Three Iraqi dancers who are currently seeking asylum from the U.S. will perform the tribute.


The free festival wraps up on the twentieth with a free finale event, and we hear there’s also a reception after one more concert, from the hosting Battery Park Dance Company.

Just make sure you reserve your tickets for the free reception, which will take place at the Schimmel Center at Pace University.


Also, did we mention this is free? Just to be sure you know, it’s free.

We’ll be there bright and early, equipped with our chairs and blankets. Oh, and probably a ton of water. Kind of important to stay hydrated. 

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy New York Times]