Outer Borough Brew with a View: 16 Best NYC Rooftop Bars Outside of Manhattan

The weather is getting nicer, which only means one thing: rooftop drinking season. 

What is more quintessentially Spring and Summer than drinking outside atop a rooftop with a perfect view of the city's skyline? 

Nothing. Ever. 

Sure, most of New York City's rooftop bars are located in Manhattan, but that doesn't mean there aren't incredible rooftop bars in the outer boroughs. 

If you're looking to dodge the crowds of Manhattan, stick to these rooftops bars that offer the same staggeringly beautiful views of the skyline.

If you're looking for the magic of the NYC rooftop bar without the headaches of heading into Manhattan, check out these 16 outer borough bars.

Staten Island

Above Rooftop (1110 South Avenue)

There's only one rooftop bar in Staten Island, but it's certainly worth the trip for an insane night of partying overlooking the city lights. It's located at the top of the Hilton Garden Inn, and it can definitely get a bit crowded. 


Just check out their dress codes before you head out as they tend to be strict. 

The Bronx

Pine Bar & Grill (1634 Eastchester Road)


Whether you're coming to eat or just to hang out at the rooftop bar, this is one of our favorite spots in the Bronx. Drinks are relatively cheap, even though rooftop bars tend to be on the pricier side. 

Looking for some booze during brunch? Head to the roof for a delicious brunch with incredible sangria. When the weather gets nicer, expect a bit of a wait, but it's well worth it. 

Billy's Sports Bar (856 River Avenue)


Heading to Yankee Stadium? Check out Billy's Sports Bar before you end up spending $14 a beer at the stadium... or better yet, forgo the insane prices you'll pay for your seat and just head to Billy's

With tons of screens to watch the game on, there's no way you could ask for more. The outdoor area is much smaller than the interior, but, again, you're right across the way from the stadium. You're good.


Leaf Bar & Lounge (133-42 39th Avenue)

If you're looking for an excellent rooftop bar in Flushing, you need to visit Leaf Bar & Lounge. This place is absolutely beautiful.

The drinks are wonderful, plus, they offer happy hour from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., so you can expect a good deal longer than you could elsewhere.

Oo Bar & Lounge (137-72 Northern Blvd)

Right on top of the One Hotel, this place is a great spot in Queens for delicious food, booze, and sunshine. 

The view is, as you can imagine, spectacular for a night of drinks with friends, or even just a nice spot to chill out after a long day of work. 

A+ Roof Bar (3916 College Point Blvd)

This little spot in Flushing closes down for the winter, but we're anxiously anticipating their reopening once the weather warms up at night. 

It's located only two blocks away from the 7 train, making it a wildly convenient spot to meet up with friends. 


Night of Joy (667 Lorimer Street)


Yes, this bar is in Williamsburg, and yes, Williamsburg means hipsters. Just don't let that turn you off from entering this incredible bar. 


The cocktails are unique, they've got doe happy hour specials, and the outdoor space is a great place to take in the spring weather. 

Kimoto Rooftop (216 Duffield Street)


Do you want delicious food, incredible cocktails, and a great place to take in the Brooklyn skyline? Look no further than Kimoto Rooftop

Did we mention that the rooftop is a beer garden with a happy hour and they have killer chicken wings? Yeah, get yourself over there as soon as possible. 


Northern Territory (12 Franklin Street)


While the bar at Northern Territory isn't very high (especially considering the heights of many of Manhattan's rooftop bars), it's as close to being on the water you can get, allowing for almost completely unimpeded views of the Manhattan skyline. 


It's a chill, low-key bar with delicious drinks and great food. You definitely don't want to miss out on Northern Territory

ESH Restaurant - Gorbals (98 North 6th Street)

Looking for a trendy spot with great food and drinks under the sun? Head to ESH Restaurant. Don't be turned off by the fact that they're above an Urban Outfitters. The rooftop is well worth the trek. 

The interior has beautiful wooden beams atop the ceiling with tons of natural light. The rooftop itself is bedecked with light strands that makes it all the more fun. Plus, it's a simple spot without the frills and pretension of Manhattan bars. 

Berry Park (4 Berry Street)


If you've never been to Berry Park, get there immediately. It's one of the best bars in Brooklyn, particularly due to the fact that it has a beautiful rooftop bar with great prices considering the area. 

With a great variety of beer, frozen drinks, and beautiful view, you seriously need to hit up Berry Park

The Roof (214 3rd Street)

What's more Brooklyn than Whole Foods? A rooftop bar called, simply enough, The Roof right on top of a Whole Foods in Brooklyn. 

If you're looking for a seriously down to earth rooftop bar with great food, you know the Whole Foods rooftop bar is a sure bet. Plus, they have incredible beers on taps and a great view of the sunset. 

The Rock Shop (249 4th Avenue)

Beer and fried chicken. That's about all you need to know for The Rock Shop. It's a dive bar with great live music (questionable, but fun karaoke on Thursdays), and a very chill rooftop. 

But don't go expecting luxury and frills; you won't find them here. What you will find is a great bar where you and your friends will have a ton of fun without going home completely broke.

Bia (67 South 6th Street)

Ever cross the Williamsburg Bridge and see a quaint little rooftop bar almost directly beneath it? You're most likely looking at Bia

When you're in Williamsburg and want some delicious Vietnamese food at a spot where you can enjoy the outdoors, hit up the rooftop patio at Bia

The Ides (80 Wythe Avenue)

The Ides atop the Wythe Hotel is certainly a spot for Manhattan lovers stuck in Brooklyn. You'll get beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline with a hip, upscale (but definitely not hipster-ish) feel. 


The views of the sunset are some of the best views you could ask for while still sipping delicious cocktails in the spring sun. 

Juliette (135 North 5th Street)

Between a beautiful rooftop and an interior that is so full of greenery and sunlight it makes you feel like your outdoors, Juliette is a wonderful quaint spot to check out. They've got excellent food, delicious cocktails, and an abundance of beautiful NYC sunshine.

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