It's Goin' Down for Real: 8 More Amazing Bars with Games to Bring Your 'A' Game in NYC

Bars with games are the best bars, if you ask us.

Normal bars are fun, too, but bars with games really enhance the socialization factor. There's a lag in the conversation? Heat things up with a nice game of skee-ball.

Everyone's bored with chatting? Make things more interesting with a rousing game of darts.

We believe so much in the inherent fun of bars with games, that we're bringing you a list of bars with games for the second time around.

Have you been to, and played at, all the bars below while pouring a delicious beer down your throat?

Well, if so, that's excellent news. If so, check out these bars with games, too. If not, there are some really excellent bars with games below that you really need to check out, like, this weekend.

Read on to find out what they are.

1. Ryan's Daughter (350 East 85th Street)


Ah, Ryan's Daughter. This excellent Upper East Side gem. If you haven't checked it out you absolutely need to by, like, last weekend.

We're kidding. There's obviously still time this weekend. The point is, at Ryan's Daughter everyone is friendly and having a blast.


They have great service, an easy going crowd, and those games. They've got basketball free throws, they've got a pool table, and they've got darts.

As if you haven't already been convinced to get to Ryan's Daughter, they also give out free chips toward the end of the night, which is always a win.

2. Bushwick Country Club (618 Grand Street - Brooklyn)


Okay, we know what you're thinking. Bushwick Country Club isn't really a country club. Instead, it's everything a dive bar should be.

They've got mini games of Connect Four, they've got free cheesy puffs, a $3 photo booth, and if you get here on a day when it's nice outside, you can play their five holes of the most glorious mini golf in the city.

If you're looking to defeat your friends in Connect Four or mini golf on a nice day, and hang out in a relaxed environment and not spend half your rent on drinks, Bushwick Country Club is definitely the move.

3. The Gutter (200 North 14th Street - Brooklyn)

We absolutely love The Gutter. We'd love it even if it didn't have a bowling alley attached to it, but since it does have a bowling alley attached to it, we love it even more.

They blast hopping tunes in their bar section, ranging from old school hip hop to 80s rock to modern day indie rock. They've also got an entirely large beer section from which it's pretty easy to get entirely buzzed.


Do you want to feel like you've travelled in time back to the 70s? Well, The Gutter is excellent for that. If you want a wild night out that consists of a lot of drinking and a lot of bowling, well, The Gutter is perfect for that, too.

Oh, they also have foosball, which is another fun game to play while pouring alcohol down your throat.

4. Break Bar and Billiards (32-04 Broadway - Queens)


Okay, let us tell you about the situation at Break Bar and Billiards. They've got $3 beer and free pool before 9 p.m., so if you're looking for a good time you definitely need to try and make their happy hour.

If you don't, though, it's definitely still worth going.

They've got a second floor with tons of windows, and more pool tables, billiard cues, and arcade games than you could ever imagine.

They've also got a really excellent dinner menu, so if your goal is to eat a delicious dinner while playing a lot of fun games and you find yourself in Astoria, you need to go to this bar, like, soon.


5. 4th Down (750 Grand Street - Brooklyn)


Have you ever played a beer pong video game?

If you haven't, it's definitely something you need to experience. Luckily, they've got one at 4th Down Sports Bar, so you'll definitely be able to crush that game. Or, not, we don't know what your beer pong skills are.


Anyway, the point is, 4th Down is a great sports bar, with TVs completely plastering all the walls. Also, they've got cheap buckets of beer, amazing nachos, and lots more arcade games than just that video game beer pong.

Anyway, if you love sports and arcade games, this will quickly become your favorite sports bar in the neighborhood. They don't serve, but you are more than welcome to bring your own food in.

6. Ace Bar (531 East 5th Street)


Ace Bar is an excellent East Village gem. They've got cheap beers, and if you're feeling competitive, they've got as many bar games as you can imagine.

We're talking skee ball. We're talking pool, darts, pinball, and one of the most phenomenal juke boxes we've encountered in our lives. Oh, they've got billiards too.

They also have a very stellar trivia on Sunday nights, which tends to get rowdy.

A word to the wise: the word about Ace Bar's excellence is out, so this place tends to get mobbed on weekend evenings. If you really want to get after it on their arcade games, you should definitely get here during a weeknight.

7. Fat Cat (75 Christopher Street)


They've got an assortment of games at this West Village joint. They've got everything from shuffle board to ping pong, billiards to board games.

They'll also serve you warm nuts for your taste buds and jazz for your ears. Plus, they've also got cards, local beers, and ping pong tables.


Basically, what we're telling you is that Fat Cat is the gamers paradise. If you come on the weekends, be warned: it will be crowded.

During the week, though? Fat Cat is the most excellent place to turn up.

8. SPiN New York (48 East 23rd Street)

If you're looking for a place with a multitude of ping pong tables, SPiN New York is definitely where you need to be.

They're got 20 or so ping pong tables that you can rent by the hour, and people whose job it is to pick up your ping pong balls. So you won't spend your whole night chasing ping pong balls around the room.

They've also got a pretty chill bar in the back, a live DJ, and really excellent weekend vibes. Also, you might even get to check out a competitive game between some real professional ping pong players.

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