These Bars Are Poppin'! 9 Best NYC Bars with Free Popcorn

What are the two best words you can hear at a bar? Especially in New York City?

“It’s free.” Cue the hallelujah music!

Why are we highlighting New York City bars with free popcorn you ask? 

If “free” wasn’t reason enough for you, well there's also an entire day devoted to the best salty bar snack out there. 

But who cares? Food holiday or not, we love popcorn. We adore free. 

So go on, pop into one of these 9 spots to celebrate free popcorn any day of the year!

1. High Dive (243 5th Avenue - Brooklyn)

raquelgreergordian Last day of vacation calls for a tall glass of beer and its perfect counterpart. #lifeistough

This Park Slope popcorn pick has the one thing that goes along swimmingly with free popcorn: Board games. 


Game it up while alternating popcorn handfuls and beer gulps and have yourself a nice little evening. Who says popcorn doesn’t qualify for dinner anyways?

2. Distilled (211 West Broadway)

g_rish19 This popcorn tho

Head over to Tribeca for a little spice in your free popcorn. You’ll go for the popcorn, but stay for the popcorn. Fair warning: It’s addictive.

3. George Keeley (485 Amsterdam Avenue)

gonefishin88 @georgekeeleynyc for some baseball and brews

Ole Georgie really knew what was up when he built this bar and added in some free popped goodness to the loyal bar patrons on the Upper West Side. 

Not only that, but there's plentiful beer choices to soak up all that popcorn. Or is it supposed to be the other way around? Either way, either way.

4. Whiskey Trader (71 West 55th Street)

jneenpdos Prosecco & Popcorn!

It’s not your quintessential dive bar without free popcorn. At least that’s what our rule book says. This midtown spot delivers on both accounts. 


The only thing better than free? Unlimited. That’s right; unlimited free popcorn. Whiskey Trader you minx you, you just upped the ante.

5. Dead Poet (450 Amsterdam Avenue)

brendatnyc Waited all day for this! Cheers!!


Literally a hole in the wall on the Upper West Side-- but a hole with free popcorn so we ain’t complaining. 

Like the name suggests, they also boast cocktails named after, big surprise here…dead poets. So drag out that inner bookworm, and head to this narrow spot for some popped delight. And a drink named after a dead person. That too.


6. Treadwell Park (1125 1st Avenue)

treadwellpark Thanks for the shoutout, @brew_york! 🍻 #New Spots in the #BrewYork #BeerGuide #CraftBeer #BeerHall #NYC #UES #Beer #BeerGeek

Picture this: pinball + beer + shoving ugly glorious fistfuls of free popcorn in your face. Just a regular Tuesday night, no big deal.


Fun fact: A fairly new addition to the Upper East Side, this spot is also tied to a cigar bar downstairs.

7. One Stop Beer Shop (134 Kingsland Avenue - Brooklyn)

onestopbeershop ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #Repost @the_citylion with @repostapp.
sitting in the sun // pretending it's summer

We already fell in love with this place based on the name, but their complimentary popcorn is the obvious cherry on top. 

Oh, not to mention that this Williamsburg drinkery also offers an unlimited beer brunch for $18 on weekends. Ummm, yes please!

8. Whiskey Town (29 East 3rd Street)

rtonstad If only we could open up a second location. #friendsgivingweekend #bobbylewsV2

If you’re looking for a souvenir from your popcorn celebrating efforts, look no further than this East Village haunt. 


Your beer can comes with a complimentary koozie, and, AND if you’re truly devoted, head into the photo booth with your basket of popcorn to have your love captured on film. Refrigerator worthy photos, of course.

9. Snafu (various locations)

snafubarnyc Bar Area #happyhour #shots #liquor #lounge #bar #nyc #snafubar #drinks #friends #company #promotions #hip

Yeah yeah, we get it; free popcorn. But how bout we throw in $5 fireball shots too. BONUS! Oh, and if you know popcorn isn’t gonna cut it, go ahead and bring your own meal. 

Hell, bring a feast if you want. This place is BYOF. Bring your own food (or feast… you decide).

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