7 Best NYC Bars to Drink at If You'd Rather Avoid All of the St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

Well-known in New York City to be one of the biggest public party days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day also often comes with a number of things the non-Paddy participants more than just frown upon.

From obnoxious crowds on the streets to over packed boisterous bars to green-tinted puke that lines the streets, it’s not hard to see how the whole thing would want to be avoided.

But you’re a New Yorker, dammit! 

And that means you’re going out despite the potential hazards, no lucky charms needed. 

Here are 7 bars that will help you reduce the risk of running into unwanted revelers.

Little Branch (22 Seventh Avenue South)


What better way to escape from drunken crowds than at a spot that doesn’t look like a bar at all? On the corner of Seventh Avenue and Leroy Street sits a solitary metal door, and behind it lies a West Village sanctuary like none other.


After descending the stairway, you come to a dim catacomb-like space with a full craft cocktail bar and intimate, candle-lit seating. Rather than ordering something specific, just tell the bartenders a taste you’re feeling for the evening and they’ll whip up something off the cuff exclusively for you.

Blueprint (196 5th Avenue - Brooklyn)

This quiet and classy Park Slope watering hole is the perfect place to find some sanity on an otherwise crazy St. Patrick’s Day. Not only do they serve some pretty interesting drinks, but their food menu, which boasts plates like Lobster and Rabbit Pot Pies, only adds to their overall appeal.

Head on out to their chill backyard with a Lost In Austin, a refreshing blend of tequila, watermelon juice, lime and serrano pepper syrup, or the house favorite Perry’s Pimm Cup, using their house made ginger syrup with Pimm’s No. 1, Perry’s Tot Gin, mint and cucumber.

Employees Only (510 Hudson Street)


If you’re looking for somewhere that does more than just pour drinks to escape the green-clad masses, Employees Only is a surefire bet. Their extensive craft cocktail menu is only rivaled by its food. Their Parmesan Fries are no joke.


Instead of kissing someone with a green "I'm Irish" button, pucker up to a West Side, a zesty mix that uses Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka, freshly squeezed lemon juice and shaken with fresh mint before served up.

Crescent & Vine (25-03 Ditmars Blvd - Queens)

Since St. Paddy’s brings out more of the beer and whiskey crowd, it’s safe to say that stopping into this Astoria wine bar is a good way to dodge those crazies and still get your drink on. Their hand-selected wine list ensures you won’t be drinking vino you’ll later regret either.

Their Triton Tempranillo is a big and bold choice with notes of red fruits, delicate spices and hints of chocolate to drown out any drunken fools that might pass you by. A bottle of bubbly, like their light Brut Gran Reserva from Spain, is also an excellent choice.


Pine Bar & Grill (1634 Eastchester Road - the Bronx)

A trendy hidden gem up in the Bronx, this two-level hotspot attracts a more sophisticated crowd, but one that still knows how to kick back and have some fun. A long beer list accompanies a colorful selection of house drinks.


Among the cocktail specialties are their twisted takes on the classic Mojito, such as the “Pine” Apple Mojito, a citrus-filled taste of Bacardi Limon, fresh muddled pineapple, mint leaves and a stick of real sugar cane.

Porchlight (271 11th Avenue)


An urban escape with a Southern twang, Porchlight provides a hearty shelter from the green things of March 17th, especially the beer. The selection of local and specialty beers here are a bit much for the average leprechauns to handle.

If you’re looking for a bit of a bigger kick, take a swig of The Porchlight Gibson, a Plymouth Gin, Dry Vermouth and pickled onion brine creation, or the Julep De Monde, their take on the classic Mint Julep with an extra hint of vanilla and mole bitters.

The Moonlight Mile (200 Franklin Street - Brooklyn)


Who says you can’t find a place with good whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day that’s not swarming with idiots? This North Greenpoint bar gives you exactly that with over 80 different types of whiskey from all over the country.


But don’t get scared. Their educated staff and made-for-all tasting flights make this whiskey experience as exceptional as their 116-Proof Roundstone Cask. Don’t forget to pair your flight glasses up with a bowl of their Bourbon Bacon Caramel Popcorn.

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