Remember in December, when Eataly opened a cozy pop-up restaurant on its rooftop, called Baita, and it was built to feel like a ski lodge in the Italian Alps?

That was crazy, wasn't it? If you tried to show up at Baita without a reservation, you were likely told to take a hike, and not to come back for three hours.

It was so successful, so delicious, rustic and charming, that Eataly's decided to bring Baita back for February.

This is amazing news, because who wants to go all the way to Italy to experience the Italian Alps. No one, right?

Why would we pay thousands of dollars for a plane ticket to experience the Italian Alps' snowy peaks and hearty Alpine food when we could just go to Eataly?

They've got rustic food, steaming hot drinks, and all the cuisine carries the rich, traditional flavors of those Alps.

They've also got a lunch restaurant called Pranzo, which is also totally dedicated to an immersive experience of those mountains across the ocean.


If you are going to treat yourself to Baita or Pranzo, make a reservation beforehand. We're telling you, these will be some popular spots this February.

Also, you absolutely need to try the hearty rustic polenta at Baita and the oxtail gnocchi at Pranzo. Like, you have to.

You'll also be able to peruse some merchandise. This February in Eataly's stores, they'll sell traditional products from Italy's northern regions.

laurenscala Love what you've done with the place @eatalybirreria! #Baita officially opens today! #WinterRooftop #NYC 🎿❄️🍻

They'll have Mieli Thun's sweet alpine honey, Valsugan's savory polenta, and plenty other incredible, tasty Italian delectables.

If eating at restaurants and buying food products aren't enough for you to feel completely inundated in the culture of the Italian Alps, you could always sign up for cooking classes at La Scuola, Eataly's cooking school.

All-in-all, we're stoked about yet another opportunity to experience the splendors of another country without actually going to that country. If you were looking for a super romantic restaurant to make your Valentine's day reservations, we're pretty sure you just found it.

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[via Eataly] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]