Is It Actually Better in the Bahamas? How 'Bout 5 Nights There— On Us —Just to Find Out?

There are lots of questions we humans may never know the answer to. 

Why do men have nipples? What happens when we die? How is it possible that you can see Nicki Minaj’s butt from the front?

All wise queries whose answers may elude us forever. 

But there is one question we can solve quite simply: Is it better in the Bahamas?

Turns out, there’s an easy satisfy your intellectual curiosity, enter the Get Beachy In The Bahamas Sweeps, grab a ‘plus one’ and go see for yourself.

This brilliant, $4500 vacation package from Headlines & Heroes, Mouth, Men’s Journal, Esquire, Savoteur and Travel Curator should settle things once and for all, with five free nights at The Cove, a secluded island resort on a pristine stretch of white sand that’s consistently voted one of the Caribbean’s best beaches.

As a guest at The Cove, you’ll enjoy modern luxuries back at the hotel, like giant flat screens, beachside cocktails and gourmet meals. Plus, fun activities like kayaking and paddle boarding.


Oh, and did we mention that your prize package also includes a Spa Treatment and dinner at The Cove’s renowned restaurant?

And let’s not forget the snorkeling excursion that’s included in the prize package too. 

In case you’re not familiar with the turquoise seas of the Caribbean and their schools of frolicking fish, we should mention that they exist and they’re spectacular.

And what do you have to do to discover it for yourself? Just enter here.

You’ll get all of it: 5 nights at The Cove, Dinner, the Spa Treatment, $1000 towards airfare, and a day of Snorkeling.

Oh, and of course, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing if it REALLY is better in the Bahamas. We have a feeling we already know what you’ll discover…

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