The Bagel Store has become pretty popular for whipping some serious bagel magic with the rainbow bagel

But recently their wizardry with NYC’s favorite carb staple, the bagel, might be a little much to stomach.

They’ve mish-mashed a muffin and a bagel, calling it a mufgel.

Grub Street cooked up a video detailing Scott Rosillo’s latest piece of art that also functions as a Frankenstein’s Monster (no insult there, they called it a “frankenfood” in a recent Insta post)

Rosillo got the idea from a commercial parodying the seriously disconcerting upsurge in bizarre bagel crazes, in which two characters chat about something called “the mufgel."

TBH, sounds kind of dirty.

Rusillo’s site, Bagel Artist, has some nice pics of the goods.

You want your mufgel on a rainbow bagel? Considering how The Bagel Shop’s all about making rainbow bagels, it’s probably the tastiest choice you can make with this invention.


This particular concoction comes in several different, um, flavors?

There’s one with fruity pebbles, and funfeti cream cheese (pardon us while we try not to puke). And there’s the more typical NYC fare of bacon, egg, and cheese crammed into this savory (and less photogenic) variation. There’s also a mozzarella-slathered variation, stuffed with sun-dried tomato.

We’d share a pic of that one, but the last thing you need to do today is vomit profusely. Check out GrubStreet's video below.