“Bacon makes everything better” is a notion that we do agree with... mostly.

But…. doughnuts?

We donut know what to make of it. Yes, we’re not sorry. 

You know we love doughnuts.

As part of their Restaurant Series, the inventive folks over at the Doughnut Project are rolling out a doughnut inspired by chef Ryan Bartlow's composed bacon dish at Quality Eats.

As stated on TimeOut NY, the donut concoction is inspired by Bartlow's bacon dish.

The salty-sweet variant features thick-cut, grilled Nueske's bacon on top of a peanut-butter–glazed doughnut, which is filled with jalapeño jelly and diced green apples.


We don’t know if we should be saying ‘yum!’ or ‘ummm’. We’re just curious if it tastes good or not.

There’s a time limit to try it however, the specialty donut will be available this weekend from Friday, January 20th through Sunday, January 22nd. 



Other specialty doughnuts for the six-week series include a Gramercy Tavern–inspired squash-filled round with a green-grape glaze and fried capers (available January 27th through 29th), and an Italian-accented dessert filled with tomato jam and topped with olive oil glaze, pecorino cheese and guanciale, a sweet redux of the bucatini all' Amatriciana at Lupa (available February 10th through 12th).

Well that all sounds...interesting? Maybe? We really dunno.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]