Brace Yourself Chili's, TGIFridays is Bringing Big Ribs to Their Menu

Anyone who watches TV or streams shows on Hulu has seen the new Chili's commercial alluding to their infamous Baby Back Ribs.

And even if you haven't caught it, you're likely familiar with their well-known Ribs and the catchy jingle associated with them.

What you may not be as familiar with is TGIFriday's new Big Ribs and their whole new side menu to match.

They may be jingle-free as of yet, but their ribs are certainly a contender. They launch on October 18 as part of an initiative to "elevate Friday's bar-centric menu".

This and alcohol delivery? TGIFridays may be rising to our favorite food chain.

We're told Fridays' Big Ribs are carefully constructed masterpieces of 30% more full pork back meat- yes, they literally measured it- and come with TGIFridays fave, Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce (or you can switch it up with Original, new Sweet Memphis or Savory Bacon Crusted). 

They're served on a butcher block for authenticity and come with sides like new Giant Onion Rings, Brussel Sprouts, Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes and Mac & Cheese. 

Photo Credit: TGIFridays

The Ribs are slow cooked for 24-hours in a blend of citrus and smoke flavor, then fire-grilled and seasoned with more spices and sauces. And they were tested in Houston and St. Louis, so basically all the pros weighed in and really seem to love them.

With sides like that and great mains, Friday's seems to be keeping true to their intentions, matching sides seen on many bar menus lately. But with what seems like a better price. All this comes at just $12.99.

Check out more about them here, and then when your mouth is watering uncontrollably, take a trip to Friday's to sate that hunger.

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