Treat the Hell Outta Yo'Self: Here's How to Get the Best Out of NYC in 2017

Tourist traps: they're everywhere. Sure, tourists are a necessary evil, but they're time-sensitive. They're only clogging up the sidewalks for so long. Tourist traps are forever. Oh, and you know what we're talking about. 

Times Square is one giant one. But it's the overrated bars and restaurants, full of the kitsch and the trite and the cookie-cutter "As Seen On TV" joints that are a stone's throw in nearly every direction—in just about every 'hood of every borough. 

People at all times of the year still come into the city with the vague goal of going to that place they saw that person in that movie do that thing—"OMG! Like, it was sooo quintessential New York City, like, right?!"—that they don't have even the slightest clue of navigating the best of what the City has to offer.

SELECT is a private membership community that provides access to exclusive events, insider pricing and VIP perks at thousands of premier partner locations across the globe. 

But real New Yorkers don't fall for it, rather, they need to learn how to escape the garbage nonsense tourist demand has created and bypass that noise entirely.

Simply put, we're talkin' getting the best out of New York City every single day of the year because nobody has time to sit on the muck and grime of overrated experiences that waste our time and money.


SELECT is a sleek AF private membership community hooking you up with exclusive events, insider pricing, and VIP perks at thousands of premier partner locations across the globe. Globe, y'all. The whole damn world. 

They're that well-connected friend getting you past the proverbial red tape and velvet ropes with a private table in the back, a bottle on ice, and is ready to introduce you to the people in the spot worth knowing.


Oh, well, they're also a premium lifestyle concierge helping you discover the absolute best NYC has to offer with the refined taste making of one of those coveted well-connected friends we never seem to have IRL.

Day or night, laid back or lavish―a life rich in good experiences is something every New Yorker fully deserves. 

Like, we have Midtown. We have a steady flood of tourists. 

We don't need to get burned by the overrated. In fact, we don't have the time or money for that. 

That's why there's SELECT. Apply for your membership right here, and read on to check out exactly what we love about them. 

Always a good look


Upgrade your wardrobe with their incredible partnerships at Brooks Brothers, Original Stitch, and Nicole Miller. 

Push the tempo


SELECT takes you to high-end clubs like LAVO and PH-D, cutting the lines, skipping the noise, and setting you up in style. 

Wine & dine


Looking to impress the hell out of someone with a seemingly extravagant meal―at the last minute? Done. What about a little Maitre'D drop-by with a couple of glasses of champagne saying only, "On the house, fam," because they're comped? 

Oh, done and done. 

Enjoy priority reservations and exclusive perks like your first round of drinks comped, complimentary appetizers, or even a nice chunk of the full bill taken off at dozens of incredible NYC restaurants such as CATCH, Scarpetta or Le Cirque. 

Low-key amazing

What about treating yourself to a night on the town that doesn't include the sensory overload of a nightclub? 

Take it down a notch and treat yourself to the secret deals SELECT gets you at AMC theaters, Bow Tie Cinemas, and Bowlmor at Chelsea Piers and Times Square. 

Treat yo self

And before/after any and all of these incredible experiences, take some time for yourself. Reboot and recharge at David Barton Gym, MassageNow, Yogasmoga, or Trifecta Med Spa. 

You can unlock all of this with your SELECT black card and the members-only app you can download for both iOS and Android. 


SELECT is both the well-connected and well-traveled friend you never even knew how to find, and that friend is posted up and connected in LA, Miami, DC, San Francisco, and, of course, New York City. 

Leaving the city for a quick trip to South Beach? Don't worry. You're not leaving your friend behind just because you're going down to catch some Miami sun. 

SELECT is there, too with the hottest clubs like LIV and Story, or chic hotels like The Delano, Mondrian, Fontainbleu, or SLS, to name a few (and there are dozens! Dozens, you hear me!).

Also, they've mastered some of the biggest headaches you have when you travel. 

Whether that's through partnerships with Encore Jets to get you in the air with the comfort and ease you deserve, or hooking you up with rates at tens of thousands of different swanky accommodations around the U.S. up to 60% lower than any of their lowest published rates, SELECT is the cool side of the pillow. 

Friends with benefits


Of course, there's the connections it gives, but there's also the community it builds. Every single month, SELECT holds members-only events. Whether it's a private gallery opening or a ritzy open bar cocktail hour, they're also helping you connect to other well-connected friends. 

That means no more meeting up with people who haven't a clue of what to do on a given night in New York City. Instead, you've either become the friend who knows what to do, or you're joining a squad of others who also know what's up. 

Dolla dolla bills


Of course, then there's the matter of how you get yourself acquainted with this friend. 


How could you possibly hope to get your name on the list to some of the most exclusive events and offerings in the city without digging deep for years? 

Easy. Memberships are only $300 a year

Like, we're definitely in agreement on how expensive this city is, but think of how much needless nonsense you can cut out of it with VIP perks like these. 

If you're accepted as a member, you're joining thousands of others tapping into not only a network of partnered restaurants, bars, music venues, and nightclubs, but also a comprehensive concierge service giving you the lowdown on things tailored to whatever you need. 

You call it

SELECT's concierge service is giving you the knowledge of a local for the experience of a lifetime on any night you need it, in whatever way you're tryin' to get down. 

But it's all about you

Everything's tailored to exactly what you love about NYC and everything you need from it. 

All you've got to do is apply. Everybody needs that friend who knows the difference between a hotspot and just a spot, but not everybody knows where to even start looking. 

We do. Their name is SELECT

Apply for SELECT Membership Right Here & Live Like the VIP Your Mom Always Said You Were.

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