America might run on Dunkin', but we would argue that New York City runs on avocados– at least, we don't know how we would brunch without them.

But as much as we looove our avocados, enough that we've now got an entire Guac-themed restaurant, it's hard not to feel like something's up when we're paying $14 for some slathered on toast, even if it is super yummy.

Expect that to get even crazier if you're willing to stick with brunch's fave fruit because we're about to enter a serious avocado shortage.

This will mostly affect independent restaurants, since chains like Chipotle have more control over their own avocado supply. Already, restaurants like Nanoosh on the Upper West Side have run out, with no way of refilling their stock yet.

As reported by Gothamist, the Park Slope Food Corp recently posted a sign detailing the disruption of avocado harvests in Mexico. It's subtitled pretty ominously– "WE WILL RUN OUT OF AVOCADOS."

A group of strikers have completely physically stopped all workers from harvesting in both certified and non-certified fields, as well as the domestic market. 

The roads in Uruapan Michoacan that lead to and from the packing districts and the ports have been closed, as well. All trucks traveling with avocados are stopped and left sitting in empty lots.

Already, the Hass Avocado Board has assured the United States that this halt in imports from Mexico won't last very much longer. While it's tempting to cheer at this news, it's not clear whether the workers on strike have benefitted.


Sure, it's important that we can order sides of sliced avocado with our eggs benedict but don't forget how they end up on our plates.

Separately, the climate for avocados isn't looking too hot as is– California's projected harvest next year is at a 7-year-low and Mexican farmers have resorted deforestation to grow enough avocados to sate Americans' appetites.


This isn't an exclusively NYC issue– we're far from the only city who could probably benefit from Avocados Anonymous but we definitely contribute. 

This weekend, when you're sipping your mimosa, maybe think twice about whether the avocado toast is worth it. Okay, it totally is, we can't resist but you can at least feel a little bad about it.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy wimp]